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The BEST GAME ENGINES To Use In 2020! – Game Development

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Do you want to learn game development in 2020? Then, you're in the right place.

However, you might be asking yourself: where do I start? With so many game engines out there, which one should you pick?

Unity? Unreal Engine? Godot?

Unity is amongst the most popular game engines and it is definitely one of the most intuitive ones, especially for beginners.

Unreal Engine, on the other side, uses C++ which is a much more powerful programming language, and also lets you create AMAZING graphics.

Godot, on the other hand, is a new game engine that is rising in the latest years and lets you create pretty cool games in an easy way…

Which game engine should you pick for 2020? That's what we're going to be discussing in this video.

Transcript Of The Video

Fahir Mehovic: So you want to become a game developer but you don't know which game engine you should choose to create your game because there are tons out there that you can choose from. Well in this video we're going to give you three game engines that are going to be the best game engines in 2020 and of course this year, is this engine better? Is that engine better? Which engine has better graphics? Fahir here from So let's get started. At the first place and again, in no particular order, I'm going to mention Unity game engine. You've probably heard of that. If you try to type game development, you probably saw some Unity tutorials and there's a lot of speculation that it's the most popular game engine. Well it's between Unity and Unreal engine, but again, it's not about that.

So why is Unity game engine good? Well, first of all, because of the community and the support that it has. It's probably the game engine that has most tutorials and online courses out there where you can learn how to create games using that engine. It also uses C sharp, a programming language that you're going to utilize inside of Unity to create scripts that you attach on game objects and make them move and interact with your game and so on and so forth, and C sharp is a very powerful language. If you learn how to code in C sharp for Unity, even later on, if you don't want to continue creating games in Unity, you want to create something else, desktop apps or mobile apps or whatever, you can transfer that same knowledge into that field because it's transferrable. It's an object oriented program, so it's the same principles.

C sharp is also a very good language when it comes to speed and performance in games. On the other hand, Unity also is a cross platform engine. What does that mean? That means you build your game once and you can publish it on mobile, on desktop, on web, whatever you want, even on consoles and all other platforms, AR, VR, whatever. You can publish your game on those platforms by using unity, just building your game once. Of course you will have to tweak some settings like the movement and whatnot to correspond to the correct platform, so you will write commands and write code for your player to move, for example in mobile and then to move in desktop and then console and so on and so forth. Unity also has a good graphic system and it's getting better and better every single time because when it comes to Unity and Unreal, people when they compare them, they usually say Unreal has better graphics, but again, this is not in comparison but I'm just saying that Unity has much better graphics than it had three years, five years ago, so you can create really, really cool games.

Unity is very flexible. It has a very good tool line and tool set for you to create 2D as well as 3D games and many popular mobile games out there are created using Unity. Now, the second game engine, and again not in any particular order, is Unreal Engine and Unreal Engine is older than the internet itself. Probably the very first games you played on your computer or your compact or your Commodore 64 are created in Unreal Engine. In comparison to Unity, it uses C++, not C sharp and C++ is a faster language when it comes to performance in video games but it's also a harder language to learn because it still is an object oriented programming language like C sharp is but there are few differences between them. Now with unreal engine you get incredible graphics, it's known by that. You can create hyper realistic scenes that look like they're from the future, from the movies, from the videos that you watch that are super, super high in FX, you can do that in Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine is more flexible towards 3D than it is to 2D, they only introduced recently. Unreal Engine is better coded towards 3D and a lot of cool 3D games, AAA titles like your favorite game Fortnite is created using Unreal Engine

Now, the third game engine and that's the baby game engine that's upcoming and taking everything by storm is the Godot or Godot or however you want to pronounce it. I don't care. I don't want to see any hate comments below, okay? Anyways, Godot that is a very good game engine. It started out as a small project between friends, I believe, and it started to go towards something bigger and bigger and now it has a huge community. It uses GD script or Godot script power, however you want to call it, and it also uses C sharp programming language for creating themes inside of that engine. And GD script is very, very similar to Python, so if some of you guys have coded in Python, it's a very similar language.

Now, which games can you create using Godot engine? Well, you can create both 2D and 3D games. So basically these are the three and which ones I recommend to complete beginners for your to start with. Well, I recommend either Godot or Unity, but if you are serious and you want to jump into more complex development, you want to create, you don't want to spend six months, one year developing your games, you should jump into Unity because it's more flexible, it has more tools. Again, I'm not saying this engine is better than this one, I'm saying which one is easier for you to start and which has somewhat better tools that you can use to create your desired games. But if you just want to learn the basics of game development, starting out how to create a game, what goes into creating games, so on and so forth, you can use Godot as your starting point. Learn C sharp if you want to transfer to Unity. And if you don't, well learn GD script. So basically these are the three engines that are going to crush it in 2020 and going forward from there. Anyways, Fahir from and I will see you guys in the next video.


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