By December 2, 2009

Difficult Watij Problem That Wasn’t Really A Watij Problem

Don't you hate it when you spend a large amount of time dealing with a problem only to find out what you thought was the issue really wasn't the issue after all? I spent a significant amount of time today trying to find out why I couldn't access a link that I can see on a web page and in the DOM when using the IE DevToolBar. I thought it was a problem with the automated testing framework I use, Watij. But, it turns out what I thought was a Watij problem really wasn't.

I was trying to write an automated acceptance test to verify that a birth date could not be made null.

Pop quiz, what's wrong with this HTML?

<!-- This is a comment --!>

It turns out that IE can recognize that “–!>” is intended to be the end of a comment even though it should be:

<!-- This is a comment -->

Unfortunately, Watij is not as forgiving and does not recognize the intention behind this mistake.  In fact, Watij treats the comment as not ending, and the rest of the page as a comment.

So, the lesson behind this, is that if you are using a WatiX framework and can't see a link or image on a page, be sure to check and make sure you have well formed comments. Better yet, anytime  you come across something similar, make sure all your html is well formed.

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