Get Up and Code has… Ended

Get Up and Code was a podcast that I created back in 2013 to help programmers and software developers get fit and get a bit more healthy.

Since then, some of my views on fitness and diet have change–DRASTICALLY.

And, I've gotten much better results, (see the video below.)

I've also gotten quite a bit into YouTube and started the Simple Programmer podcast.

What does that all mean?

Well, basically this:

Get Up and CODE as a stand alone podcast is dead, BUT it's also alive again in the Simple Programmer YouTube channel.

What I mean by this is that all the fitness / diet information I was publishing out to Get Up and CODE is now being put out on YouTube.

(Plus there is a whole bunch more great content about living a better life, advancing your career, learning, and personal development.)

So, if you are interested in Get Up and Code, I'd highly recommend checking out the YouTube channel and Simple Programmer podcast instead.

You can also find a playlist of all the fitness / diet videos from the YouTube channel here.

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Old Get Up and Code Episodes…

If you do want to check out the old GUAC episodes, you can check them out here: