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I Literally Don’t Give A Shit!

In this episode, I literally don't give a shit.


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John:               Hey, John Sonmez from I’ve got a bit of a long question. This is kind of an interesting one and there might be some profanity. I try to keep the content pretty clean, but I might get a little worked up about this topic here because this is –in fact, it’s funny because the subject line was a quick question, but this isn’t really a quick question. Anyway, I'm just going to tell you what I think like I usually do here, but this question comes from Ronnie. He says, “John, I just discovered your blog and you and I’ve been reading your thoughts on C++ and why you think it’s not certainly necessary to learn as a language beyond what it imparts to you about memory structuring and addressing, and so on. With that in mind, here are a few questions for you.

“One, shouldn’t it bother a programmer when they’re completely dependent on proprietary systems like C# owned by megalomaniac pacific northwestern pattern attorney and his born on third base son who didn’t even have to complete his bachelor’s degree at Harvard because he happened to go to Lakeside Prep in Seattle where one of two teletype terminals in the world at the time happened to be located? Shouldn’t it bother a new programmer to be dancing to the tune of such people by playing into their proprietary hands-on and enmeshing themselves with such a global syndicate?” That’s question 1. Kind of negative.

Okay, question 2: “To what extent should it bother a programmer or aspiring one that he or she doesn’t know how a compiler works, much less the one which makes his program actually work? This is obviously not a C or C++ question particularly, but it’s a concern I’ve always had about the general sense of entitled brattiness and narcissism so many programmers have or what they can make a computer do when their understanding of how it’s all possible is shallow at best? Also negative.

Number 3: “On a completely different note, you seem perhaps Latino in an industry that I seem to have noticed has blacks and Latinos and also most Mediterraneans tactically designated as the non-technological races, as opposed to people of northern Europe or Asian ethnicity. Have you experienced anything along those lines? If so, how have you dealt with that? If not, do you think it doesn’t exist or do you think you’ve enjoyed special circumstances that have somehow exempted you from such treatment and what they are if I may ask?” Lots of bombs here. This is going to be fun when I finally address this.

Four, “Finally, I’ve been reading an awful lot about an incredible amount of age discrimination in the programming field where even people in their 30s are being openly mocked in the workplace as elderly and so on. How would you suggest people deal with that in this industry? Also, putting all sympathy for people’s feelings aside, is there an age where people should no longer consider trying to retrain from some other field to learn programming 30, 40, 50?”

We’ve kind of hit on all them. There’s no religion in here so that’s interesting. Just to continue on. “When I was a kid, the computer industry certainly seemed like a much less shallow, and dare I say, sharkish field than it is now. Computer people used to foster a love for the machine, the philosophy and the process itself than they do now. Nowadays, the computer field looks very much like the David Mamet play, Glengarryy Glen Ross, where the second place winner gets a set of steak knives, and third place winner gets fired. What do you think of what I’ve just said here? Sincerely, Ronnie.”

Where to begin here? Oh, gosh. I'm not going to answer these questions by the way just because these questions are not relevant. I love this email by the way, Ronnie. I'm not trying to make fun of you, but this was not a quick question, by the way. Subject lining a quick question, that was a little bit–I don’t know if you intended it to be a quick question or you thought it was going to be. Anyway, nice email. Very negative though.

Here’s the thing. Here’s my answer. My basic answer to all four of your questions that you’ve asked here is I literally don’t give a shit, like I don’t care that Microsoft made C# and that his son was privileged in life. I don’t care. I don’t care that people don’t know how compilers work when they can do their jobs. I don’t care that someone –I'm not a Latino, but if I was, I don’t care if someone would discriminate against me. I literally don’t give a shit about any of that stuff. Literally. I don’t care. I don’t care about age discrimination. I don’t care if someone wants to discriminate against me because they think that I have a big nose. I don’t give a shit about any of that stuff. I don’t because I don’t have time for it, and you shouldn’t either.

When I read your email honestly, Ronnie, the thing is like you are spending so much time just hating, just hating and being negative that it’s like –you need to just not give a shit, honestly. Again, I don’t like to use profanity, but I just want to tell it to you straight and like don’t give a shit about all this stuff. You’re spending so much time like just being bitter and just seething about how things are unfair in life, and how you’re being discriminated against and all that.

Yes, I acknowledge all the stuff happens. Yeah, age discrimination happens. Yes. This racism and discrimination happens in life and, yes, people don’t know stuff that they should know and they get promoted anyway, and they get moved up to the architect position, where someone more deserving doesn’t. All that stuff happens. But if you concern yourself with all that stuff, you’re just going to be bitter and you’re never going to accomplish anything. You’re just going to hate your life. I mean heck. When you get dealt a bad hand, you got to play that hand.

Things are going to happen. Life is going to happen, but I literally do not care about any of that stuff. All that stuff that you listed in your email I don’t even give it a second thought. Not even a bit. Yeah, I’ve been discriminated against. Yeah, all kinds of things have happened. I’ve had hard knocks in life. Yes, I’ve been on the other end of a baseball bat. Yeah. All that stuff has happened to me and it happens to a lot of people. Some people have a golden spoon in their mouth and that’s fine.

What you should concern yourself with and everyone should is themselves. What can you do? What can you do about your situation? How can you improve your situation? Don’t worry about everyone else? Don’t worry about all this stuff? Life is not fair. A lot of people just believe that life should be fair and it’s not fair. Don’t believe that it is. Don’t try and make things fair. You can’t control other people. You can’t control all this stuff.

Again, I'm glad you sent me this email, but I fear for you because of your negativity, because I feel like if you have this belief, all these questions that you asked, none of them –Literally, I do not give a shit about any of them. They do not matter to me and they shouldn’t matter to you. Do what you can do. Live your life. Don’t worry about this kind of stuff. Don’t be bitter. Life is too short to be bitter. You can just spend your whole life just seething and being angry about injustices in the world and in your own life, and you have wasted it.

That’s my advice. I didn’t really answer your question, I know it, but you didn’t really ask a quick question, did you? Anyway, hopefully, you found this useful. Hopefully, someone did and yeah. That’s it. That’s what I got to say about that. If you like this video, if you like to hear me say don’t give a shit anymore, then subscribe to this channel. If you don’t subscribe to this channel, I don’t give a shit so take care.

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