By December 7, 2017

Why I’m AGAINST Net Neutrality! (Ajit Pai + Verizon = Donald Trump?)

John Oliver is wrong. Yes, John Oliver is a funny and convincing, but…

“The head of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission unveiled plans on Tuesday to repeal landmark 2015 rules that prohibited internet service providers from impeding consumer access to web content in a move that promises to recast the digital landscape.

FCC chief Ajit Pai, a Republican appointed by President Donald Trump in January, said the commission will vote at a Dec. 14 meeting on his plan to rescind the so-called net neutrality rules championed by Democratic former President Barack Obama that treated internet service providers like public utilities.

The rules barred broadband providers from blocking or slowing down access to content or charging consumers more for certain content. They were intended to ensure a free and open internet, give consumers equal access to web content and prevent broadband service providers from favoring their own content.”

The whole debate around this net neutrality is definitely raising a lot of questions about whether it would be good or not to stand up for net neutrality.

In this video, I'll talk more about why I'm against net neutrality and why I believe this is a really important topic to discuss.

Do you hate Verizon?

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