Accelerate Your Career: 

Digital Toolkit
  • Software Developer Interview Crash Course
  • Step-By-Step Job Hunt Action Plan
  • 65 Must-Read Books for Coders
  • Skills Assessment Tool
  • Salary Negotiation Strategies and Scripts
  • 10 Principles for Highly Effective Debugging Checklist
  • And Much More...

What's included:

software developer interview crash course
Breeze through technical and personality questions with confidence, because you know you're *prepared*. Includes an 8-part video course on preparing for your interview and how to answer "personality" questions that trip many developers up. And an 8-part video course on solving "whiteboard coding" algorithm questions. Plus a list of common interview prep questions—run through these and you won't be caught flat-footed.


  • Language Specific Questions
  • Algorithm & Data Structure Questions
  • Design Pattern Questions
  • Object Oriented Questions
  • SQL & Database Questions
  • Soft Questions
  • Interview Prep
  • Read The Problem
  • Solve Manually
  • Optimize Manually
  • Pseudocode (Part 1)
  • Pseudocode (Part 2)
  • Real Code
  • Optimize Code
  • And Much More...
the software developer's job hunt action plan
Use this when you need to land a new job or consulting gig FAST. The step-by-step checklist guides you through every step in the process, from deciding what types of jobs to pursue, to creating a custom job-search plan, to following up after the interviews. The job hunt tracker tool will help you with the day-to-day execution of your plan—and help you "debug" your process and land more interviews and offers. And if you're struggling to break into programming, you'll see how to prove your skills so that "no experience" doesn't mean "no hire."


  • How To Get A Job With No Experience
  • Job Hunting Action Plan
  • Job Hunt Progress Tracker
  • Skills Assessment Tool
  • Job Hunting Tracking Tool
  • And Much More...
style 101 for software developers
How to dress so that you stand out and earn respect as a serious professional. "Rules to dress by" and a software developer wardrobe checklist, compiled by my own personal image consultant.


  • Style 101 For Developers
  • 34 Rules to Dress By
  • The Professional Developer’s Wardrobe Checklist
  • And Much More...
65 must - read books for coders
Master the essentials of software development and become more productive with this hand-curated reading list for professional developers.
software developer
skills assessment
Spot gaps in your technical knowledge and become a more competent, confident developer. Includes assessment tool plus instructional video.
salary negotiation
for software developers
Earn what your skills are worth and avoid costly negotiating mistakes with these clear, easy-to-follow strategies and scripts. Estimate the impact of salary increases over the span of your career. Compare multiple competing offers and make the best choice with the job offer evaluation calculator.


  • Salary Negotiation For Software Developers
  • Salary Difference Calculator
  • Total Compensation Hourly Rate Calculator
  • And Much More...


  • 10 Principles for Highly Effective Debugging Checklist

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