By September 1, 2014

Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual, Early Access

Wow, this is a pretty exciting week for me.

This week, the book I’ve been laboring on, is finally available for early access through Manning’s MEAP program.


I spent about four months working full-time on this book. That might not seem like a lot of time, but believe me, writing a book is no easy task.

This was easily one of the most difficult things I have ever done—it’s not easy to consistently write several thousand words a day.

I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I never wanted to write a purely technical book. I’ve always felt that technical books get outdated too quickly and aren’t very interesting or fun to write.

When Manning approached me about writing a book, it was the golden opportunity to write the kind of book that I’ve always wanted to write—the kind of book that I wished I had in my career as a software developer.

Soft Skills, is a totally different kind of book about software development, because it isn’t about software development at all—instead, it is about the software developer.

I wanted to write a book that approached a software developer’s life from a holistic viewpoint. What I mean by this is that instead of just focusing on career development or market yourself, the book should focus on just about all areas of a software developer’s life.

And that’s exactly what the book does. The book covers a wide array of topics, from career advice on to even fitness and finances. I tried to not hold anything back and to give away everything I knew about becoming a successful software developer in all areas of your life.

You can check out the table of contents here, or read the first chapter of the book for free here.

This isn’t the official launch of the book, just an early access preview. The official launch will either be at the end of the year or early next year. But, if you buy the book now, you’ll get access to all of the early content and the full book when it is published.

Oh, also, if you buy the book now and you are willing to give a review on Amazon when the book officially launches, I’ve got a special something for you. I’ll give more details when the official launch date approaches.

I also wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who read this blog and are part of the Simple Programmer community. Without the support and encouragement of many of you, this book wouldn’t have really been possible.

I sincerely hope this book is a book that helps you to not just get a better job, but to be happier and more productive in your career. My goal with Soft Skills was to create a book that would be applicable to all software developers, regardless of experience level, technology choice or anything else.



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John Sonmez is the founder of Simple Programmer and a life coach for software developers. He is the best selling author of the book "Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual."