Coding Interview Bootcamp

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In this 21-day bootcamp, ace software developer career coach Jason Humphrey will show you:

  • How some simple legwork can effectively cut that 10-question interview down to 6 or 7 questions—and dramatically improve your chances
  • Powerful technique developed by an FBI terrorist negotiator that can get your interviewer to surrender clues when you’re stuck
  • How some companies set traps in their job descriptions to catch unprepared developers… Very embarrassing
  • A common resume mistake that can trip you up in the interview
  • How to “win the day” in the critical 24 hours leading up to your interview
  • Daily practice on the key data structures and algorithms that are almost guaranteed to come up in your interview
  • Plus a LOT more

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Take the entire course, and if you’re not satisfied, you’ll get every penny back.