How to Create A LinkedIn Profile That Stands Out


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LinkedIn is the first stop of any hiring manager, recruiter or potential client that’s considering working with you.

What will they think when they look at your profile?

Is it a dry list of programming languages, technologies and frameworks, 5 years out of date?

Or does it jump out and make them say, “Yes, this is exactly who we need to hire!”

In this training session, you will discover:

  • How even “irrelevant” experience can help position you for the job you want
  • The critical question that makes writing your summary and work experience entries *much* easier
  • What information to put in your work history
  • How to weave your technical experience into your profile so they KNOW you’re not BSing
  • Overlooked “extras” you can add to your profile to boost your professional credibility and stand out from the crowd

The training is scheduled for 9 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

And yes, a replay will be available if you can’t attend live.