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Do your coworkers think you're nuts when you tell them about your side project?

Are you hunting for a better job and getting nowhere fast?

Are you struggling to decide what languages and technologies to focus on for the future?

In the Simple Programmer community, you'll meet likeminded programmers who have tackled—and overcome—the same challenges you are facing.

The community includes developers at a range of different skill levels, from beginners and recent code camp graduates to veteran developers.

Conversations revolve around effective learning techniques, ways to market yourself and get your name out there, how to choose a side project and stay motivated to work on it, how to break into a new job/better job, trends in the industry, and more.

You'll also have access to the Simple Programmer career coaches, who can weigh in with their guidance on your toughest questions.

​I have a high standard for members in the Simple Programmer community.

This community is a drama-free zone. There will be no bickering, no complaining, and no garbage.

To maintain that high standard, enrollment is limited to once per month.