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The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide

Early in his software developer career, John Sonmez discovered that technical knowledge alone isn't enough to break through to the next income level – developers need “soft skills” like the ability to learn
new technologies just in time, communicate clearly with management and consulting clients, negotiate a fair hourly rate, and unite teammates and coworkers in working toward a common goal.

  • How to systematically find and fill the gaps in your technical knowledge.
  • Should you take contract work – or hold out for a salaried position?
  • Should you learn JavaScript, C#, Python, C++?
  • Ever notice how every job ever posted requires “3-5 years of experience,” which you don't have? I'll help you solve this problem.
  • Is earning a computer science degree a necessity – or a total waste of time?
  • Coding bootcamps. Some are great, some are complete scams. How to tell the difference so you don't find yourself cheated out of $10,000
  • and much more…

Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual

For most software developers, coding is the fun part. The hard bits are dealing with clients, peers, and managers, staying productive, achieving financial security, keeping yourself in shape, and finding true love. This book is here to help.

  • Boost your career by building a personal brand
  • John's secret ten-step process for learning quickly
  • Fitness advice to turn your geekiness to your advantage
  • Unique strategies for investment and early retirement

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From My Other Business Bulldog Mindset



This book is a nice short listen, designed for you to learn the secrets of going from lazy to self-disciplined and productive.

It's the book that I wish I had when I was younger. The one that could have saved me so many hours of frustration, and helped me retire and become financially free much earlier.

  • How I retired in my early 30’s by ONLY shifting my mindset...
  • How embracing this “concept” helped me overcome my deep phobias and removed my panic attacks...
  • Comes with bonus content not found in the print book version...
  • And much more...


“No BS guide to self confidence” — Max

The most important trait a successful man MUST have is self-confidence… Once you recognize your fears, accept your flaws and wake up to the brutal truths of life...

You will develop powerful inner strength. Become the man you were destined to be. And unlock your hidden potential… Because with self-confidence comes great power for change…

So if you have regrets and aren't living up to your true potential. You owe it to yourself to pick up this book.

  • Why you can’t “fake it until you make it” anymore
  • The simple 5-step process to pull out genuine self-confidence
  • Powerful “_______ _____” method to crush fear and anxiety
  • My quick 10-step checklist to build relentless self-confidence
  • And much more...