Blogs To Learn Selenium WebDriver

Selenium is an incredibly useful set of tools used to automate web browsers, and WebDriver is an advanced tool that lets you test your scripts against multiple different browsers. Every web developer needs to know how to use Selenium WebDriver.

If you take a look through these nine blogs, you’ll be an expert in no time.

  1. Selenium HQ Wiki
  2. UltimateQA
  3. Google Testing Blog
  4. Elemental Selenium
  6. W3C Schools
  7. Automate the Planet
  8. Beaufort Fairmont

If you don’t have time to go through a class or if you know a little bit but want to become an expert, a great way to learn more is by reading relevant blogs.

But there’s a problem: It’s REALLY hard to find good blogs to teach you Selenium WebDriver.

It’s not that they are not out there. They are. However, there are so many of these blogs that it is hard to filter out the bad from the good.

So I’ve done it for you.

When I first started doing test automation with Selenium many years ago, I had a tough time finding good blog resources to help me improve my skills. So, when I found a good blog with valuable information, I saved it. I still do this today.

The final result is a collection of my top blog resources to help you learn Selenium WebDriver. Listed in no particular order, all of these resources:

  • Provide valuable and actionable information
  • Are unbiased in their opinions
  • Convey excellent knowledge as a result of extended experience

I’ve included a link to each blog, the main subjects the blog covers, a brief description, and some of the key points you can expect to learn or related articles you should take a look at.

Selenium HQ Wiki

Selenium WebDriver

You cannot have a resource guide to test automation without including the headquarters of knowledge for Selenium WebDriver. This fantastic wiki covers everything related to Selenium. Some of the topics you can read about from the contributors include:


Selenium Webdriver | Automation Testing | Quality Assurance (QA) | Software Testing

This website covers everything related to QA, with a particular focus on automated software testing using Selenium WebDriver. There are posts and video tutorials that teach you, step-by-step, how to work with Selenium WebDriver. Here are some posts that you should read through:

Google Testing Blog

Test Automation | Flaky Tests

Google is an innovator, and the ideas and patterns that they follow should be emulated by the rest of the IT industry. I like to learn from the best.

This isn’t exactly a Selenium WebDriver blog, I know. However, this blog offers excellent information in general, and it does cover topics related to test automation techniques. It also includes information on how to write great code. Here are some of my favorite articles:

Elemental Selenium

Selenium WebDriver | Ruby

Dave Haeffner is a great resource when it comes to test automation. He has been around for years sharing WebDriver knowledge, and his website is a serious gold mine of information. If you want to learn how to resolve standard issues with Selenium WebDriver, go through the archives and work through the code samples. Here are a few examples of what you can learn how to do using Selenium:

Automation Testing | Quality Assurance | Development

Without a doubt, Joe Colantonio is one of my favorite thought leaders in test automation. Colantonio constantly provides quality content on all kinds of different subjects. His podcast, TestTalks, has many excellent interviews, and he publishes the transcript of the interviews on his blog as well. By reading through these interviews, you have the opportunity to learn from a variety of experts with loads of experience, all in one place. The subjects include:

W3C Schools

HTML | XPath | CSS | Web

Having a strong coding foundation is just as important as knowing specific tools like Selenium Webdriver. W3C Schools isn’t directly related to Selenium WebDriver, but it is a great resource to learn or brush up on the basics of the skills you need before you get ready to perform test automation with Selenium. If you don’t have these foundational skills, you won’t be able to work with Selenium WebDriver.

I refer back to this blog as needed, especially for these two areas:

Automate the Planet

Test Automation | C# | Jenkins | Visual Studio | Team Foundation Server (TFS) | Telerik Test Studio

I have followed Anton Angelov for a number of years because he knows automation. Angelov regularly shows different code solutions to the same problem: for example, coding a page object with a data map and without a data map. He consistently delivers high-quality content which I have used to improve my skills as a Test Automation Specialist. He writes blog posts that cover a bunch of useful topics related to Selenium WebDriver. For example:

Beaufort Fairmont

Test Automation

I first saw Paul Merrill through a presentation at Automation Guild 2017. The information that he presented was relevant and insightful. Since then, I have been reading his blog.

His work has a deep focus on how to do test automation well. Merrill provides excellent strategies to speed up test automation and deliver higher-quality results, which is something we all want when using Selenium. He also regularly provides high-quality webinars that are full of excellent information. Some of my favorite posts include:

Testing | Automation | Java

I’ve known about Alan Richardson for at least five years now. He is a phenomenal resource when it comes to test automation. For example, he wrote the book Java For Testers: Learn the Fundamentals Fast and the book Selenium Simplified.

As with most excellent resources, this blog doesn’t only focus on a single tool. He covers a broad range of topics related to test automation. However, there is no doubt that his resources will help you to drastically improve your WebDriver skills. Here are a couple of my favorite resources:

Let the best things help you grow

Blogs can be a valuable tool when you’re looking to learn more about a subject. In the case of Selenium WebDriver, there are so many blogs that it’s hard to know which ones are worth the time and effort to read through.

The blogs on this list certainly helped to improve my Selenium skills, and I believe you’ll find them a useful resource as well.

These blogs will help you lower your learning curve when it comes to Selenium WebDriver and test automation. Use the vast experience and knowledge from these blogs and help yourself grow.