12 Amazing Facts About AI

Written By Jasmeet Sehgal

facts about AIArtificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that helps build smart machines. AI provides data that makes these machines capable enough to match human intelligence. As a result, many industries have taken advantage of AI technologies.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning are the two subsets of Artificial Intelligence. Whereas machine learning refers to computers able to think and act with less human intervention, deep learning involves computers able to use structures modeled on the human brain.

AI is everywhere—using digital personal assistants like Siri or Alexa, opening your phone with Face ID—from getting driving directions to getting recommendations on movies or music and everything in between.

For programmers in particular, AI offers new tools that help them write their code or determine errors. In this article, I will share with you twelve amazing facts about AI that every programmer must know. This way, you can stay informed and up-to-date about the fascinating upcoming opportunities offered by AI.

The 12 AI Facts a Programmer Should Know

Artificial Intelligence is getting into an omnipresent phase. AI is no longer an exotic endeavor to replicate or simulate human intelligence but a tool that we have been using in our daily life for convenience and efficiency. Indeed, advancements in AI will continue to bring a revolution to the tech industry.

With this in mind, let’s see 12 facts about AI you should know to make sure you don’t miss out on these amazing developments.

AI Is Evolving

AI has been ruling since its inception and has been slowly spreading to various spheres of development. Today, a Google-owned AI known as DeepMind can already beat Starcraft Two players.

In another example, the Chinese Alpha Dog is a robot dog that not only acts as a pet but also functions as a delivery agent. This goes to show the multiple opportunities AI presents to developers.

AI Can Pose a Threat too

Artificial intelligence, while acting as a simulator, can cause a threat too. Companies like Microsoft and Google have already issued a warning that bad AI decisions can harm potential businesses, as the AI can be programmed to do something devastating.

Moreover, autonomous weapons are artificial intelligence systems programmed to kill that can cause huge casualties.

Overall, such examples show how programming an AI—at least on such a scale—requires careful consideration on behalf of the programmers.

Increased Education In AI

Decision-making by AI can lead to a 40% increase in productivity, allowing programmers to spend their time more effectively, with a greater work-life balance. This can also lead to more opportunities for studying and furthering one’s knowledge. This means AI can possibly allow you more available time to learn something new that can help your career as a developer.

Moreover, students are opting for AI as an educational and career shift. Today the world’s top universities have increased their AI-related education to educate developers on AI matters.

AI Bots Are Programmed to Sound Female

An independent survey has shown that the majority of people prefer to talk to AI bots that have a female voice. Various voice assistants like Alexa or Siri have a female voice, as people find it more pleasant than a male voice.

As a programmer, you should keep this in mind whenever you design such systems—though of course there’s always room for exceptions.

AI Recognizes Emotions

Artificial Intelligence is turning into an integral system of our lives. Our actions, situations, and relations will all correspond to AI in the coming future. We, as a society, are so incredibly influenced by technology that we prefer to talk and spend our major time with machines, i.e., phones, computers, etc.

AI and neuroscience researchers agree that programmers develop AI so that it exhibits empathy. Moreover, machines have started recognizing human emotions. In the 1990s, a robot named Kismet recognized the emotions of the human body by merely listening to the tone of voice, then interacting with humans accordingly.

AI Will Become Smarter Than Humans

AI was developed by humans as a technology revolution. Things have changed to a major extent, with machines using their artificial intelligence and providing solutions. As we are progressing in the automated world, AI will be smarter than humans in the sense that it will be able to decide without human intervention.

AI Will Affect Human Employment

AI offers uninterrupted workflow without taking days off, needing rest, or expecting bonuses. Investment in AI can earn you good returns and reduce business costs to a significant amount.

On the other hand, millions of people have lost their jobs due to AI. As AI is proving to be more efficient than humans, it can turn out to be a threat to programmers’ employment—perhaps ironically, considering that programmers themselves are constantly finding ways of getting work done more easily with AI.

AI Is Being Used by All

Today almost all organizations, whether big or small, are making use of AI. Businesses are looking for AI programmers in the fields of customer relationship management, underwriting, fraud detections, and social media monitoring.

The Covid 19 pandemic further made Python development companies plan to invest more in AI. As soon as the pandemic was declared, WHO signaled that artificial intelligence (AI) can be an important technology to manage the crisis caused by the virus.

AI Developers Pave the Way for Investment Opportunities

Leave behind FDs, cryptocurrencies, and bitcoins. Invest in AI and get a return better than anything else.

Market research suggests that AI investment increased by almost 10% as a response to Covid 19. As many as 80% of enterprises believe that investing in AI will yield them a better competitive advantage than any other investment opportunity. As per the AI Index, the annual investment from venture capital firms into US startups with AI systems has increased as much as eight times.

AI Competition Among Tech Giants

facts about AITech giants are sourcing AI and using it as a base foundation to compete. Some of the most innovative AI companies in the world, like Alphabet’s Google and Nvidia.Microsoft, along with other collaborators, will host a workshop on video analytics and intelligent edges in March 2022.

According to a study by Bespoken, Google’s AI has far excelled that of Alexa and Siri. Programmers can make the best use of such workshops to know the latest trends about AI and get a competitive edge.

Countries Leading the Way in AI

Singapore has become the global frontrunner of AI, as it has been strategically leveraging it in various operations that have already proved to be fruitful.

The top positions leading the way are Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and China. India stands third in the Asia Pacific region and 20th in the Nature Index overall. So investing your career in AI can certainly earn you big anywhere in the globe.

Undefined Ethics of AI

Ethics in the field of Artificial Intelligence are still undefined. There are no agreements, benchmarks, or boundaries clearly set. This may turn out to be dangerous regarding security and privacy levels.

As a concept, AI ethics refers to the moral principles and techniques intended to make an informed development and responsible use of artificial intelligence technology by programmers. As AI has become integral to products and services, organizations are starting to think more about AI codes of ethics.

AI Is the Future

AI has offered us some life-changing applications. From education opportunities to changes in employment and from investment opportunities to the still-undefined ethics of AI, one thing is for certain: AI is revolutionary.

This also affects you, as a programmer. Artificial intelligence, as a technology that keeps evolving, means that a career in AI will be in demand for decades, and is therefore an excellent career choice.