Don’t Wait For Things To Get Easier

Written By John Sonmez

It is so easy to sit back and wait for things to get easier before you dive in and attempt to do them.
You can't start your fitness program or diet right now, because work is too hard or finances are too tight.
You can't start writing your book, because you just aren't ready yet.
Whatever the excuse is, it likely originates from not wanting to tackle difficult things.
In this video, I talk about why you need to just drive right in and not wait for things to get easier, because they might never actually get any easier.

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Full transcript:

John:               Hey, John Sonmez from  Today, I want to talk to you about a trap that I fall into quite often and maybe you struggle with this as well.

The trap I’m talking about is waiting until things get easier.  I tend to fall into this trap far too often and it really can hamper me because I tend to not do things until I feel like I can succeed at them.  I think it’s built into our human nature.  I think we don’t want to take risks very much.  We don’t want to do things that make us uncomfortable that we don’t feel like we’ve already mastered, so we tend to sit back and wait until things get easier.

When we do this, what then is happening is that we ended wasting a large amount of time.  Sometimes things never get easier.  Sometimes it never gets easier to start that new diet.  Sometimes it never gets easier to go ahead and start preparing to try to get a new job if you’re not happy where you’re at.  Sometimes it never gets easier to start your business or you side project and go out on your own.

If you keep on waiting for that moment in time where things are going to be easier, where things are going to be more ideal where you’re going to have more money or whatever it is that’s holding you back, that’s going to make things easier for you maybe it will never come.  Or maybe when it comes, it will be too late.

I really encourage you to look at your own life and see are there areas where you’re basically waiting for things to get easier?  If you have something on hold where you’re thinking, “Well, when X happens then I’ll do this thing that I want to do,” if that’s the case, you need to really examine those things that are holding you back and really say, “Is there a way that I could get started today?”  It even goes to a microscale.

When I start my day in the morning, I plan out my day and I’ll catch myself moving the tasks that are easy to the front of the day.  That’s the wrong thing to do.  What I should be doing is going full bore into the hardest things every day.  I should be tackling those things first, because not only are those things going to keep on getting pushed off and sometimes they may get trickled down to the end of the week, but those are the things that are going to give me the greatest success and going to have the greatest impact.

It’s the things that we tend to wait for them to get easier before we accomplish them are the things that we really need to do now.  Once you get into it, once you start going diving in, it does get easier.  I’ll just give you an example right today, right?  This YouTube videos that I’m recording, this is something that is one of the more difficult things.  It seems like it probably wouldn’t be, but it takes some time to get the camera set up, get the mics, the lights, all of this setup and then to think about the topics, it’s still an uncomfortable thing to talk in front of the camera to people that you can’t see.  This got pushed off and I want to say, well, when I feel more like doing YouTube videos then I’ll do them.

What I needed to do and what I finally did was dive in and say, “Look.  So what?  It’s difficult.  I’m going to push through it and then I’m going to come out at the other end and I’m going to feel better about it.”

Anyway, long story short.  If you’ve got something in your life that you’re waiting for to get easier before you dive in, don’t wait.  Just go.  Just dive in.  Take it on the chin.  Do whatever you got to do but get that thing done because that’s probably the thing that’s going to advance you forward.  It’s probably the thing that you’re holding off on that’s going to help you the most.  Dive in, push forward, go for the gold, and don’t be afraid just because something appears to be difficult.

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