Get Up And Code 28: Alcohol Is Bad For You

Written By John Sonmez

I've decide to start creating posts whenever I publish a new episode of the developer / fitness podcast that Iris Classon and myself do, Get Up and CODE.

If you don't know about our podcast, check it out.  We are on the 28th week of the podcast without missing a beat yet.  It basically a podcast about diet, health and fitness geared towards developers.  We talk about a lot of different topics related to health and fitness and we interview other developers who are somehow involved in fitness.

It turns out there is a big community out there of developers who are into fitness!

In this episode Iris and I address the issue of alcohol and how it can affect your health and fitness goals.

Iris doesn't drink at all and I drink in moderation.

This is a pretty important topic for developers, because, good or bad, I've found that most conferences involved lots of drinking at after parties and other related events.

Whatever you choose to do, it is important to have a plan ahead of time.  Know if you are drinking and if so how much and how it will affect you afterwards.

Oh, and if you want a book on the subject, check this one out.

Check it out, you can listen here and don't forget you can subscribe to our RSS or in iTunes.