Get Up And Code 29: Sit Down With Matt Baxter-Reynolds, Author Of Death Of The PC

Written By John Sonmez

Just published a new podcast episode of the Get Up and CODE podcast.

In this episode Iris and I talk top Matt Baxter-Reynolds author of Death of The PC and popular blogger for ZDNet.


This episode was a great reminder of how important it can be to take care of your health before you end up having an issue.

I found Matt's attitude about running a marathon to be very refreshing.  He didn't say he might do it or he would try, he said he will do it.  Because of his absolute belief in what he wants to accomplish, he is much more likely to succeed.

I find this kind of attitude to be the attitude that breeds success and it is no wonder why Matt has had such a successful career in technology.

You can listen to the episode right here: