Get Up And Code 32: Do You Know What Your MQ Is?

Written By John Sonmez

I’m pretty excited about this episode of Get Up and CODE.  Iris and I had the chance to interview the CEO of an up and coming fitness gadget making company, Skulpt and their new product Aim.

Aim, is exciting to me, because it is something completely new.  I never seen a device like this before.  The Aim will actually measures your body fat percentage at certain body parts very accurately and tell you how strong or dense you muscle is (a term they call muscle quality.)

When I heard about this device, I immediately reached out to Skulpt to try and see if I could get someone to talk about it on the show, because I thought it was a perfect fit for Get Up and CODE.

Oh, also, Aim isn’t out yet, but you can get yours early at a discount price from their Indiegogo campaign here.

So, check out the podcast and let me know what you think.  I can’t wait till I get to actually try one of these.