Get Up And Code 33: Our Thoughts On Caffeine And Sweeteners

Written By John Sonmez

I’ve always thought the connection between developers and caffeine was a bit strange.

It must have come from all those late nights trying to fix bugs or get a feature out on time.

Anyway, I decided to drop caffeine a couple of months ago, because I didn’t like the idea of being hooked on something.

Since then, I’ve found there are quite a few developers that are also going away from caffeine.

In this episode of Get Up and Code, Iris and I discuss caffeine and the effects it has on the body and talk about whether or not is is good for you.

Along with caffeine, we thought it would make sense to talk about artificial sweeteners, because there is quite a bit of bad information about both of those topics circulating around.

So, check out this episode of Get Up and CODE and let me know what you think.