Joining Elegant Code

Written By John Sonmez

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Earlier this week I was invited to join the developer community of bloggers at Elegant Code.  I had to think about it for a bit because I wanted to make sure that I would be able to fulfill all my obligations and still maintain the quality of postings and work that I hold myself accountable to.  I am very glad to say that I have accepted the invitation to join Elegant Code, because I do feel that I can embark on this adventure while still maintaining my standard of quality.

What does this mean for Making the Complex Simple?

There should be no noticeable change.  I know this might be a little confusing for some readers of this site because I will now be blogging in two places, so let me outline what you can expect to see.

  • I will continue to blog about 2-3 times a week on
  • The content on will continue to be the same type of general programming, best practices and technological reviews, not tied to a specific theme.
  • I will blog about 2-3 times a month on
  • The content I post on will revolve around ideas about how to write elegant code and improve your code in general.
  • I will not cross-post.  This means that content will appear in only one place, not both.  I may link to either site, but the content will have a definite home on one or the other.
  • I will be exclusively writing COBOL from now on, and all my posts will be about programming in COBOL and the secret lives of COBOL programmers.  (Ok that one is a lie, but the rest are true.)

My first post at was just posted today entitled “What Does Elegant Code Mean to Me“.

One last thing before I go.

Here is a picture of a dog biting its own tail.

Here is a picture of a blue mushroom.

That is all.