15 Best Machine Learning (ML) Blogs for 2022

Written By Arpit Jain

The concept of machine learning (ML) isn’t new. Yet big data has revitalized the subject, and more companies are using ML models to scale their operations, equip their workforce with better and faster tools, uncover hidden insights, and challenge assumptions that are underlying the analysis.

With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) gaining traction across all business lines and job roles, enterprises are embracing the benefits of related topics on using technology to aid in business success.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning need to be understood and trusted to have a disruptive impact on organizations. Without trust…

Readers who consult ML blogs from organizations and individuals with extensive knowledge in these fields can get to know them better, get pressing questions answered, and connect with others who have experience using these tools successfully.

Sorting through all of the resources out there can be overwhelming. Here are some websites and blogs that I visit when I want to learn more about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The largest publication for data science on Medium is Towards Data Science. Described as a Data-driven community discussing artificial intelligence, data science, data visualization, deep learning, machine learning, NLP, computer vision, related news, robotics, self-driving cars, programming, technology, and much more!

The OpenAI project was created by industry experts who hoped to make AI available to everyone. The effort is being led by Elon Musk and Sam Altman, co-chairs of a non-profit research organization named OpenAI, and sponsored by companies including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Infosys who are trying to make AI more accessible.

In this article, contributors talk about their long-term research efforts to promote and advance AI technologies. Anyone who is interested in artificial intelligence should check it out.

This blog is an excellent introduction to machine learning. By using interactive tutorials and practical examples, the tenets of ML are effectively explained, making it easier to see how they could be applied to a number of businesses and industries.

Adam Geitgey consults organizations on machine learning implementation as a former software developer. The future of software is embedded in machine learning, so he helps software developers develop a solid working knowledge of it by providing guides and techniques.

The Machine Learning Mastery blog was intended for new developers getting started in AI and machine learning. Jason holds several degrees in AI-related fields such as…

He once learned how to program as an amateur and now wants to share the tools that have helped him on his professional journey.

His blog as well as his email course and newsletter are accessible to all levels of expertise.

Research findings and important information about the Artificial Intelligence work of the Artificial Intelligence Department at UC Berkeley are shared in BAIR’s blog. Graduate students and faculty contribute to the content on the website across a spectrum of research, from natural language processing to robotics.

FastML uses entertaining, easy-to-read posts to bring you the latest in machine learning. Zygmunt Zaj*c runs the site, and it’s a go-to machine learning platform covering topics like overfitting, pointer networks, and chatbots.

I recommend that you bookmark this blog if you find yourself frustrated by ML papers that seem to require a Ph.D. in math to fully comprehend them.

The latest technology and business news surrounding AI are presented by this media channel. Using AI and machine learning helps executives stay on top of the latest trends.

Business leaders are interviewed and thought leadership pieces are featured in AI Trends as well as articles concerning the business of AI.

Some of Apple’s machine learning efforts can be seen in the developments in voice recognition, prediction, and autocorrection, as observed with Siri.

Apple has also incorporated ML into their newest iPhone, which is performing trillions of operations per second, so it’s like ML in your hand.

A look at how machine learning shapes Apple’s diverse technologies is provided in Apple’s Machine Learning Journal. Additionally, engineers present how their work influences the transformation of machine learning.

The fact that Google is involved in machine learning research isn’t surprising because they first introduced machine learning to the world.

In order for Google technology to work effectively, machine learning and artificial intelligence play a critical role-from their search algorithms that redefined web searches to Google Maps that changed the way we navigate, to their self-driving car that is changing the auto industry.

Throughout the AI at Google posts, Google discusses both its published research and how its technology is used by other companies to advance their own artificial intelligence.

ML@CMU provides a medium through which researchers can communicate research findings, perspectives on machine learning, and other updates to professionals and general audiences alike, at Carnegie Mellon University.

The blog features posts by Carnegie Mellon undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students

You can filter by research area on Amazon Science’s fantastic scientific blog. Research areas covered by the Amazon Science Blog include cloud and systems, computer vision, conversational AI, natural language processing, machine learning, robotics, search and information retrieval as well as security, privacy, and abuse prevention.

Machine learning is the focus of Distill articles. An article from Distill can be distinguished by its outstanding communication and commitment to understanding people.

Articles from Distill may use interactive media, but not always. Distill often takes 100+ hours to publish an article (if not all) which is.

An education startup called Data Science Dojo helps professionals analyze data in actionable ways. Several articles about machine learning are available on their machine learning blog.

In addition, other resources are available, including data science, artificial intelligence, analytics, real-world skills, and programming.

Among the many tutorials available on Neptune.AI’s machine learning blog are those on machine learning modeling, hyperparameter optimization, model evaluation, data exploration, generative models, machine learning tools, and much more.

AI has a framework that allows you to track the versions of your Jupyter notebooks, manage your experiments, and integrate with your team’s workflow easily.

Since I work with Near Learn, I’m going to suggest them. I may be biased. Training in Machine Learning, Blockchain, Python, React Native, React JS, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning is offered by NearLearn, a leading software course training institute in Bangalore. With our dynamic team, we’ve developed the most current curriculum for software developers so that they become industry experts.