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Hey fellow developer (or soon to be), first I want to thank you for downloading the digital version of Peak Performance Habits today.

You’re going to get a lot out of it and plus — it’s a pretty short read.

I know you’re going to see major improvements in your mindset, career, productivity and overall quality of life.

You see, I’ve developed these habits over decades of experience and testing. And I can’t wait to see how it helps you.

And to thank you for taking action today — I have a little surprise for you…

I want to offer you a steep one time discount to…
10 Steps to Learn Anything Quickly

Want to boost your income?

Do you want to reach MVP status within your team?

And do you want to become the in-demand developer companies are dying to recruit?

Of course you do...

In 10 steps… I’ll show you can achieve all the above — by turning information overwhelm into a weapon...

  • You’ll break out of the “learning cattle chute” and master even the most challenging technologies quickly
  • I’ll show you how to have fun studying… which will rocket you up the learning curve faster — even though you’ll feel like you’re just goofing off
  • You’ll harness the power of creativity for better and faster learning — with zero frustration or overwhelm
  • How to easily learn new topics — which will free you from the soft tyranny of book authors/trainers — who think they know the best way for you to learn
  • And so much more...

Here’s What Other Developers Are Saying:

“I Look Forward To Technical Interviews”

I am 43 and was worried about my developer skill sets getting dull. I just finished John's "10 Steps to Learn Anything Quickly" course and see that action is needed on my part.

I am currently creating learning plans and sticking to them. I am no longer worried about losing my skills and am having a great time "playing around" with technologies. I now look forward to interviews as opportunities to teach what I have learned.

When topics in the interview come up that stump me, I see this as an opportunity to create new learning plans to work on. Thanks John!

— Tom Maravilla Senior Software Developer, LDS Church
Saratoga Springs, Utah

“Detailed Process That Anyone Can Apply”

Knowing how to learn is a crucial skill for me to stay on top of the latest technologies in software development.

I found that learning by doing is the best type of learning in the long term and John’s guide gives a very detailed breakdown of the process that anyone can apply effectively. I wish I learnt this while still back in school!

— David Kiss Software engineer and consultant

“Practical, Easy-To-Follow Techniques”

10 Steps to Learn Anything Quickly has helped me focus on the important parts of learning something new so that I don't waste time on reading huge books which can make learning difficult and tedious. The series is practical and John provides easy to follow techniques that ensure you grasp any new topics of interest.

— Theo Matthews Software developer for 10 years

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One Chance To Get 10 Steps To Learn Anything Quickly For 50% Off

For software developers… There's more and more pressure to stay up to date than ever before.

Years ago a web developer could pull down a decent salary — with just a text editor and a solid understanding of HTML (plus maybe a little CSS and JavaScript).

But these days are gone… Today’s employer DEMAND “full stack” developers — software storm troopers who can parachute in and:

For software developers… There's more and more pressure to stay up to date than ever before.

Years ago a web developer could pull down a decent salary — with just a text editor and a solid understanding of HTML (plus maybe a little CSS and JavaScript).

But these days are gone… Today’s employer DEMAND “full stack” developers — software storm troopers who can parachute in and:

  • Spew out frontend MV* code in AngularJS, Ember AND Backbone 
  • Spin up scalable, performant server-side code in .NET
  • Maintain data integrity while passing objects between not one but four different ORMs (including one homegrown hairball everyone’s afraid to touch)
  • Memorize every quirk and twitch of 5 major browsers (and 4 versions of IE)
  • And don’t forget about testing, build automation, mobile responsive layout, HTML5 video encodings plus a million more “critical path” topics…
  •  And so much more...

It might sound unfair and annoying… but it’s true.

There’s a new graduate hungry for your position — just around the corner.

And countries are spewing out math geniuses and amazing developers everyday,

The employer has his/her pick of “top talent.” So why wouldn't they demand more?

So now — the average developer has to learn more and more just to keep his position.

But keeping up is hard enough as it is… especially if you already work a full-time position.

For me, learning any new technology felt like embarking on an endless trek to Mordor.

Here’s what I used to do:

  • Hit up Amazon and buy every book that looked remotely related.
  • Pick up the first book I bought and plow right through from page 1 through to page 876
  • Repeat for 5-10 more books
  • Track down video courses by well-known experts and buy them
  • Make time and watch the course end to end
  • Repeat with every video course and YouTube series I could find
  • Scour the web for blog posts and add anything that seems important to my reading list
  • Spend hours poring through the blog posts, looking for new scraps of information that I’d missed

This whole process was REALLY time consuming.

I’d spend weeks or even months getting my arms around a new programming language.

And when I tried to apply what I learned… I couldn’t remember half of it.

So after years of struggling… I said F*** it!

I’ll come up with a better system.

So I started to dive deeper...

I took all the best systems, habits and proven methods from industry leaders.

I tested each one over and over again. If it didn't work.. I just moved on to the next one.

Eventually I found a way to get down to the bare essentials that would give me a productive, working knowledge of the topic in the shortest time possible.

I’d cut my study time down to barely a third of what it was. And what really surprised me was this:

The Faster I Learned — The More I Retained

Through this experiment… I found out the most important skill any software developer can have…

... is actually knowing how to LEARN.

Because it’s funny — most developers have no idea how to learn at all.

So I broke down my process into 10 easy steps to follow. This way anyone can pick them up quickly.

This is what I’ll show you in the course when you pick it up today. But since I’m such a great guy…

I’m also going to throw in a bunch of free bonuses for you (when you pick it up today).

Bonus #1 - 10 Steps to Learn Your Next Programming Language

I decided to create a brand new bonus module to show you EXACTLY how I apply this system to learn new programming languages, sometimes in as little as a week.

(Valued at $330)

Bonus #2 – “Paint By Numbers” Workbook

The workbook includes a concise summary of each step, as well as questions that make it “paint by numbers” easy to apply each step.

This workbook alone is almost as valuable as the video training, because it guides your thinking as you apply the concepts I cover in the course.

(Valued at $10)

Bonus #3 – Word-for-Word Transcripts (All 12 Videos)

These uncut transcripts are perfect to keep handy as a quick reference when you want to refresh your memory about a step in the process without scrobbling through the videos.

(Valued at $95)

Bonus #4 – Filled-Out “Cheat Off My Homework” Workbook

This completed workbook will give you even more insight into how I think as I’m approaching a new topic to maximize my learning efficiency. You’ll see the exact level of detail I use when I work through each step and the types of information I collect.

(Valued at $10)

Bonus #5 – Exclusive “Your Toughest Questions Answered” Bonus Video

To help you see how to apply this system to your unique situation, I recorded an exclusive, 90-minute "ask me anything" video class just for you.

In this training, I took questions from more than 30 software developers—live, with no net, including:

- How deep should you dive when tackling a new topic?

- How should you change your learning approach when you're a brand new developer? And what about if you have more experience?

- When to learn just enough to "get by," and when to go for total mastery of a topic- When do you "know enough" to teach others?

- How do you find the discipline and motivation to keep up with your learning?

(Valued at $500 — How much I charged for consultations at the time)

I know you’ll love the course but if for any reason you’re still on the fence…

You have my: 

90-Day Guarantee

90-Day “Try It Yourself” Guarantee—Learn Faster Or You Pay NOTHING

The last thing I want is for you to pass on this because you’re not sure it’ll work for you. I *know* it will, so here’s my offer to you:

Put me to the test. Take 10 Steps To Learn Anything Quickly for a spin today.

Spend just a few minutes with me while I hardwire this learning system into your brain.

Then take up to 90 days to try out your new speed-learning skills.

And if for some reason you don’t agree that I’ve given you a faster, easier way to absorb the knowledge you need to rise head-and-shoulders above other developers.

I will cheerfully refund your money, no questions and no hassles, any time within the next 3 months. You can even keep the bonuses just for giving it a try.

Either way, all the risk is on me.

So what’s next?

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Get 10 Steps to Learn Anything Quickly for 50% off - 149.50 dollars off
(10 Steps has a 100% 90-Day “Try It Yourself” Guarantee—Learn Faster Or You Pay NOTHING)

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