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Developer Job Interview: How To Prepare Yourself (So You Don’t Fail?)

This is the developer job interview preparation you needed to get the top software developer jobs.

In this video, I talk about 3 questions every software developer should know before going into a software developer job interview

Do you know what are the top 3 questions asked to newbie programmers aspiring for jobs? Watch this video to find out!

Transcript Of The Video

John Sonmez: Hey, what's up? John Sonmez from So, I got a question, and I figured I'd do a video on this topic since I haven't really talked about this too much before. But, basically I got a question about certain types of interview questions and what kind of interview questions you should focus on. And I haven't really talked about this that much. But, I think there is basically three types of interview questions that you need to know to pass a software development interview or a programmer interview, in general, right? And so, I'm not going to go into details on exactly what these questions are. But I wanna talk about the types, so you know what kinda types this study … and so that you're a little bit prepared for what you can expect.

So, the first type of question are the questions that basically could be Googled … that are sort of textbook type of answer questions, right? So, it depends on, this is gonna be, the domain expertise. Whatever your particular programming language or technology is. It might be things like, what is an interface in C sharp, or what keyword in Java does this? Or any kind of question that's gonna be technical that might be something that you could Google the answer to, that might be a one-word answer … you either know this or you don't know this, right? And so, there's gonna be a lot of those type of questions.

And then, another type of question that you would probably expect to have, is algorithm type questions. And I've talked about this quite a few times. I did a video on … would you do my homework for me. You can catch it here. And basically, these are the kinds of questions that are things around solving a problem, doing it possibly on a whiteboard, and coming up with an answer, an algorithm, writing some code. They're gonna be things that involved data structures and algorithms. So, you wanna study data structures and algorithms. You wanna get good at solving problems. I've got a couple of articles, blog posts on that. You can find at, if you look for solving problems, or top coder. There are some posts that I've done on that.

I also did a Pluralsight course on job interviews, and that has some step by step walkthroughs of doing these types of algorithm problems. So, you can check that out here.

So then, the third type of question that you're likely to get in an interview would be questions that are basically personal, or experience, or history questions or situational questions. These are the non-technical questions, or maybe they could also be … this would probably I think encompass some of the higher level architectural type of questions, you know, patterns, describing things, how would you solve a problem, these are more of the open-ended type of questions that you can't entirely prepare for, but you should expect, right? You should. So, that's it. Those are really the three types of things that you're likely to face, and it depends on where you interview, on which ones going to be relied on the most.

I find that most technical places that you would work at, kind of average kind of job, that you're going to find that the first category of questions, where they're going to ask you a bunch of facts about programming language, about a platform technology, right? Sometimes that's not the best approach. Places like Google or Microsoft, Apple … you interview there, you're gonna get the algorithm questions. I guarantee you. You're gonna be whiteboard exercises where you're going to be programming or writing code for them. And those tend to be tough, so you have to stay specifically for those interviews. There's a good book called, Cracking the Coding Interview, that talks about this. I also wrote a post about that as well, which you can find at But, that's what you could expect there.

And then, you're gonna get a mix of the third type of questions wherever you go, so you should expect those. Anyway, I hope you find that useful. If you have some specific questions about interviews, I'd like to know what you'd like to know, and so I can help you better prepare for job interviews. Just leave the comment below and give me some ideas, or email me at, if you have the question for me and you'd like for me to answer it here. And don't forget to subscribe to channel. Take care.

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