How To Fight The Programmer Imposter Syndrome (Feel Like A Fraud)

Written By Josh Earl

Programmer imposter syndrome is definitely something that takes on lots of programmers and this is big. They start to question themselves about their worthiness and if they are really able to take on bigger projects. How do you know you're ready?

A lot of developers sink in fear when it comes to improving themselves and getting bigger projects.

In the field of Software Development, there is always much more to learn. We cannot possibly be an expert in every area, and we need to make difficult decisions about where to focus our efforts.

So, honestly evaluating our skills is an important first step. But it is not as easy as you might think.

During job interviews, employers will often ask what your strengths and weaknesses are. This information can be very useful for your potential employer, but it is even more useful for yourself. Arriving at honest answers to these questions can help shape your career in the way that you want.

An important prerequisite to making strong improvements in any area is understanding what the problem areas are and why improvement is needed.

In this video, I'll talk to Douglas Hirsh, about how you can overcome your Programmer Imposter Syndrome and how you can learn how to cope with it.

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