Statue of Liberty

Written By John Sonmez

In this episode, I’m at the Statue of Liberty talking about freedoms.

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Full transcript:

John:               Hey, John Sonmez from If you’re watching the YouTube video as you can see I am in front of the Statue of Liberty. I'm still in New York City. I'm finally going home after my 3-1/2 month trip. I just came down from going up to the pedestal which was pretty cool. I didn’t go up to the crown because I have my 4-year-old and she’s not allowed to go up there, maybe next time.

Anyway, I thought I would just do a quick video here so there’s a lot of people and I’ve got to get moving but it’s about the trip in terms of what it means to really—to have the opportunity to live in the United States. As much as I have enjoyed Europe I found that there’s a lot of things that I take for granted for in the United States that doesn’t exist in the rest of the world. Granted I was in Europe where there was definitely a lot of freedom, it’s definitely not as free in many respects as the US is.

Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes it’s a bad thing. One thing that’s apparent here is ___[inaudible 00:01:16] getting to New York City and riding the subways and it seems like the prettier parts of New York City is just ____[inaudible 00:01:24] when you give freedom you give everyone freedom so there’s—you basically end up trading security for it ____[inaudible 00:01:34].

As you can see, if you’ve ever gone to a national monument in the United States it’s a lot more secure than it is in Europe. You could go basically up to the Eiffel Tower or up to much any of the national monuments in Europe with minimal security at all. But in order to get to the Statue of Liberty you have to go through 2 like airport security checkpoints essentially to get on to the boat just to get to the island and then going inside the crown and it has pretty tight security.

Anyway, it’s something to consider is that freedom comes at a price and security comes at a price. You trade one for the other. The more freedom you give the less security you generally have. You ____[inaudible 00:02:27] but yeah, I thought I would sum up a little bit of what I thought about travelling to Europe and coming back here to the US. I think it’s something that—the difference ____[inaudible 00:02:44] and some of the things you take for granted and just how different that is.

Yeah, that’s it. ____[inaudible 00:02:52] a whole lot else to say here. This is my last video on this trip so I won’t be shooting cellphone videos, maybe though when I get an iPhone ____[inaudible 00:03:02] actually better than this camera. I might check that out a bit. I’ll be back shooting a batch of videos hopefully next week with my camera crew and I should be fine.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the episodes from my trip. If you’re a podcast listener thanks for bearing with me even though you can’t really see, I hope you still got some value. It’s always hard to do a video or give good advice on the fly here as much as _____[inaudible 00:03:34] contemplating what you’re going to say rather than ____[inaudible 00:03:36] uhms and stutters and whatever mistakes I make as I’m producing these videos. I definitely want to live these moments, I wanted to at least capture this on video and next trip I’ll have a better plan ____[inaudible 00:03:53] but it was fun and hopefully you’ve enjoyed it and back to the regularly scheduled programming. Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more videos and if you’re a podcast listener definitely check it out on iTunes ___[inaudible 00:04:10] podcast. Talk to you next time. Take care.