Written By Jason Humphrey

In programming, we hear so much about what tech stack we need to learn or what the new hot technology is.

What we do not talk about much is the mental health aspect behind how you can be a better programmer.

And that often times affects a lot of programmers.

Self-doubting comes into play. And that can have a whole cascade effect in your career.

Doubting yourself can leave you paralyzed. You stop working. You stop doing whatever needs to be done. Your head starts telling a lot of different bad stories.

And… Down the road, it makes a whole lot of difference.

This is a message for all the self-doubting developers out there.

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Transcript Of The Video

Jason Humphrey: I want to tell you a story today about someone who had the exact same information as me and how we got two different outcomes. Someone who is right next to you who has that same information, yet they're 10 times more successful than you are. And you're either sitting there wondering why not me or that you were cheated in some way or maybe that you were a victim to something that they didn't have to be. Truth be told, it's not really because you both had access to that same information.

My name is Jason Humphrey. I help bootcamp students get their first high paying job as a software engineer. Earlier in my career, I actually learned from Sonmez how to become a real estate developer. Now, just because you learn how doesn't mean you actually do it. In this story, me and my friend watched the same courses he had built, watched the same information you put out years ago, but there's two different outcomes and that's because my friend who we're going to look at first, well, he took this information and did nothing with it. Why?

There's a couple of reasons why, but I think ultimately for one, it scared him. I've got to save up $50,000 to buy a house? Or even better yet, You're telling me I have to wait to indulge in making money or into becoming rich at something. I noticed though there was probably the biggest difference between me is him is when I got ahold of this information, I did something with it.

I took action on what I could even though, you know, it's funny looking back, some of the simplest tips that I learned from Sonmez ere some of the ones that had the greatest impact. Something my friend wasn't willing to do but I was was every morning you wake up, all right. If you're wanting to buy a house, you do this every morning. You look at the marketplace every morning, what comes on the market and you evaluate it as is it a good deal or bad deal and you figure out if you would have bought it or you wouldn't have. And you do this for about three to six months, especially while you're accruing money.

When it becomes time for you to buy you know by looking at the market that morning, it was a damn good deal or is a damn bad deal. And I know the difference because I've been studying it and that simple piece of information sounds so like that's generic. Like who cares? Of course I can try check it. I can go check the markets when we start looking for the property. But truth be told, you don't really understand the market until you've been doing it every single day.

So I took that advice and followed it every day. But I also then took his other subtle pieces of tips and information that he gave me to save, to get a part-time job to do more and put myself out there and you do the subtle things. And to then kind of wait on the gratification weight on indulging in the extra things that life has to offer with all these crazy vacations and all these nice new homes.

And I waited on all of that. And so what I did was I followed these simple tips of saving money, eating in, going OMAD. My friend on the other who still loved Psalm as his content. Well, what did he do? He ended up buying a new car. He ended up buying a new house. He ended up getting a credit card loan on a new entertainment center, because he wanted to buy it for Christmas. You can see it pretty quickly where we're going here.

My friend is going in a straight line across. Well, I started saving my money up and I started buying one property and then I bought a second property. This wouldn't have been possible if I didn't take the simple advice and follow it to the T. You can be mentored by anyone anywhere, anytime. And it can be the most basic information in the world that can change your life.

And so I encourage you today, the next time you hear something you want or hear and learn about some information you want, then you take that simple piece of advice and you follow to the T for no matter how long it takes, and you follow it until you get what you're looking for, until you get to the mountaintop until you get to exactly what you want.

The big difference right now between me and my friend who has zero properties but the one he lives in and me who has five is that I was willing to do the little things every single day. I was willing to take that little piece of information from my mentor and follow it, and then do it every single day. And that's what I want you to get out of this. So taken, no matter what you learn and do it tomorrow, do it today better yet.

Don't wait for tomorrow. Don't wait for 10 years down the road when you're going to follow someone's content or Sonmez's advice on real estate investing. No, do that today. It also relates to what I've been experiencing lately and the development industry with helping a lot of bootcamp students out.

People ask me, “Well, why are your students more successful?” Or “Why are these people so much more successful and why are they not?” And I'll tell you right now more often not is because, and what I've noticed especially is that they don't want to listen to what the mentor has to say. They want the easy way. They want the really easy tips that give them instant results and they're not willing to do the short iterative steps and the simple advice and get all the little things right to get the big things right.

If they can't have it now, they don't think they need to do it or they don't want to do it because it's too long or the process it's too much to take on. There's just so many other things I could focus on that will improve my life. Living in a nice house now with a nice new car is everything you wanted, but 10 years from now, that's not going to be enough. Delaying gratification will ultimately get you to where you want to go.

If you are looking to get better at something, listen up to your mentor and do that one thing they tell you every single day. It's up to you and what you follow, and what you do to get better. If you like contact this, don't forget to like it, hit the thumbs up, and subscribe for more content like this.