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Hi, I’m John Sonmez, the Founder of Simple Programmer and author of “Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual.”John-Sonmez-Small

I created Simple Programmer with the goal of making the complex simple.

As a software developer, I often found that people tend to have a way of making things appear more complex than they really are.

I also discovered that often the simple solutions were the best ones—although not always the easiest to derive.

I originally started Simple Programmer in 2009 as a personal blog where I tried to distill what I was learning into simple, easily understandable content.

But, today Simple Programmer is more than just a blog and more than just me.

Today, Simple Programmer is focused on helping software developers, programmers and other IT professionals improve their careers and live better lives.

One thing I learned from year of consulting and coaching software developers is that increasing your technical aptitude is not enough.

In order to really succeed as a software developer—you need to be well rounded.

You’ll find the content at Simple Programmer to be holistic in nature.

That means you are just as likely to find articles about improving your career as you are to find articles about developing your people skills, getting in shape and tackling the mental aspects of being a software developer.

My goal for Simple Programmer is not just to help you get a better job and make more money—although I certainly want to do that—but to help you improve in all areas of your life.

To help you build self-confidence, to be more productive, to find and reach your goals, and even to explore the wonderful world of entrepreneurship.

In short, I want to help you succeed and become a better version of yourself each and every day.

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Outside a very crowded pub in London. Such an incredible city. I loved how efficient the public transport was. “Mind the gap.”

If this all sounds like a load of crap to you, then I wish you well, but don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. ;)

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First of all, you might want to sign up for my 100% free blogging course.

Creating a blog was the single most beneficial—and profitable—thing I did for my career as a software developer.

I’ve helped hundreds of other software developers, increase their income, getting better jobs and generate passive income by building a blog, and I’d love to help you as well.

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Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual

For some in-depth content, I wrote a book specifically to help software developer in all areas of their lives, from career advancement, to building a personal brand, rapid learning techniques, productivity, fitness and even finance.

Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual” has been a best-selling book every since it’s launch. It has over 145 5-star reviews on Amazon.
And there even is an audio version! (NEW)
soft skills

“Conveys a message that every software developer (and everybody else, for that matter) ought to hear.”

Robert (Uncle Bob) Martin

“Useful, practical, and actionable advice on a wide array of topics.”

Scott Hanselman

Podcasts and products

Also, if you like listening to podcasts, you can check out the podcasts Simple Programmer produces here.
And I’ve got a few products and training courses you might be interested as well.

About JohnGoPhoto_0039_Scanned-Image-00039.jpg

I started writing code when I was about 10 years old, creating my first game in Q-Basic.

I really became interested in programming when I taught myself C, so that I could create my own MUD. I still joke that someday when I grow up,

I’ll become a video game programmer. (It may still happen yet!)

On February 14th of 2013, I officially retired from my regular job at the age of 33…

But I didn’t exactly retire. Instead, I decided to focus all my effort on growing Simple Programmer and making it the best place on the internet for software developers. (You can read all about my journey to early retirement in chapter 55 of “Soft Skills,” if you want more details.)

Now, I live in Tampa with my beautiful wife, Heather and daughter, Sophia.


I’m the author of over 50 courses for the developer training company, Pluralsight.
FastCompany interviewed me about being an online developer training millionaire by creating my Pluralsight courses.


I love speaking in front of a crowd—especially on a topic I’m excited about.

I don’t simply present on a topic, I get the audience fired up and involved!

If you’d like me to speak at your next event, drop me a line at [email protected].
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Consulting & Coaching

I do still offer some limited consulting services, since my schedule is usually very packed.

What to hire me for:

  • Help with creating a automated testing framework or anything to do with test automation (Selenium, etc.)
  • Team coaching / Agile coaching
  • Architecture consultations / design
  • Personal career coaching and mentorship
  • Speaking / training
  • Something else? Just ask

I do offer some daily, weekly and monthly retainer rates.

You can contact me at [email protected] for more info or to book me.

My minimum bill rate is $500 an hour.

I also offer individual 1-on-1 coaching. You can find out more details here.

Interviews and Podcasts I’ve Been On

You can find a fairly up to date list of my podcast interviews here.
Here are a couple of video interviews I’ve done: