The Best Godot Courses in 2023

Written By John Sonmez

Taking one or multiple game development courses is a great way to study how to use an engine in a guided manner.

The Godot game engine is getting more and more powerful, and popular. Now's the perfect time to build up your skills, so you can create the games of your dreams using Godot.

Let's look at the best Godot courses you can take this year:

Which are the best courses to learn Godot?

Create a Complete 2D Platformer in Godot (Udemy)

This is the second-most popular Godot course on all of Udemy. Creating a platformer game is the perfect place to start as a game dev beginner. You'll learn many fundamental features of the engine without being overwhelmed by having to create fancy graphics.

Create a Complete 2D Survivors Style Game in Godot 4 (Udemy)

A highly rated course in which you learn to build a 2D game in the latest version of the Godot engine.

Discovering Godot (Udemy)

Discovering Godot is a step-by-step introduction to Godot and its many useful features. You get to create five game projects during the course at increasing difficulty. The course has you working with Godot's GDScript language.

Godot Beginner Course – Learn How To Make Game (Udemy)

The beginner course leads you to making your own first game, even if you have zero experience with programming or using a game engine.