13 BEST Software Testing Courses in 2023

Written By John Sonmez

Best Selenium WebDriver Course

Create your First Automation - coursera

Best Affordable Introduction

Manual Software Testing Course - udemy

Best Full-On Specialization

Automated Software Testing Specialization - EDX

  • Best for: Test Automation beginners 
  • Prerequisites: Basic Java skills 
  • Unique features: Split-screen view of the course and your IDE 
  • Duration: About 10 hours to work through the course 
Automation course on Coursera

Your instructor for the 'Create Your First Automation Script' course

Saurabh Dhingra, DevOps Trainer & Consultant, former IT Professor

Course content

‘Create Your First Automation Script Using Selenium and Java’ will lead you to do exactly that:

  • You’ll start a new Java project inside Eclipse IDE

  • Then you’ll set it up to run with Selenium 

  • You’ll create an automation script, and run it in a browser

  • You’ll get to know locators in Selenium & gain the ability to interact with the elements & tables of a web app

Pros & Cons

  • Perfect for a beginner who wants to go step by step
  • Offers perfect workflow within the cloud desktop
  • The course is limited in its scope
  • Best for: Going from scratch to proficiency in Automation Testing 
  • Prerequisites: No coding experience required 
  • Unique features: The course teaches using real, hosted web app examples.

    Discussion of Software Testing interview questions. Includes lifetime instructor support & job assistance 

  • Duration: 55 total hours of content you can work through at your own pace 
Udemy Selenium Webdriver Course

Your instructor for the Selenium 4 WebDriver course

Rahul Shetty, 15-year QA instructor & Founder of Rahul Shetty Academy

Course content

  • Mastering Java Core & Selenium

  • Real-time exercises & practice problems

  • Cross-browser testing

  • Software Testing interview questions

Pros & Cons

  • Thorough course to master Selenium with Java – leaving no stone unturned
  • Great community & instructor support
  • No split-screen cloud desktop like some other courses
  • Best for: If you want to master the WebdriverIO framework – regardless of your background
  • Prerequisites: No experience necessary, but some understanding of software programming and testing is preferred
  • Unique features: One of the most relevant courses – has been updated completely in December 2022 
  • Duration: 32 hours of content, self-paced 
WebdriverIO Full Course

Your instructor for the complete WebdriverIO course

Gianni Bruno is a Lead Automation Test Engineer with many years of experience. He has taught over 50k students so far.

Course content

  • Intro to WebdriverIO
  • Setting up your environment
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Synchronous vs asynchronous JS
  • Advanced concepts & examples
  • Jenkins integration

Pros & Cons

  • Includes a real-world challenge you can follow along with and reverse-engineer
  • It could use more info and exercises with Cucumber – you’d need to take another course if you want to explore that topic more deeply
  • Best for: Intermediates looking to master Automation Testing 
  • Prerequisites: Basic coding knowledge & Java programming skills 
  • Unique features: Free with optional upgrade 
  • Duration: 5 weeks at 3-5 hours per week (self-paced) 
Automated Testing Course from TU Delft

Your instructors for the Automated Software Testing course

Arie van Deursen, Scientific Director for FinTech Research at TU Delft, and Maurício Aniche, Assistant Professor of Software Engineering at TU Delft.

Course content

  • Automated software testing

  • Functional testing

  • Structural testing

  • Testability

  • Test code smells

Pros & Cons

  • It’s a hands-on course in which you’ll test programs yourself using different methods
  • It’s limited to scripting in the Java language
  • Best for: If you want to learn Test Automation from start to finish with one multi-part course
  • Prerequisites: No experience necessary, existing Python skills are a plus 
  • Unique features: Certificate of completion
  • Duration: 19 hours of content, self-paced 
Test Engineering Path on LinkedIn Learning

Your instructors for the Test Automation Engineer Skill Path

HeadSpin University teach automation skills to students around the world and provide access to their own test platform. They also give out certificates once you complete one of their courses.

Course content

  • History of automation
  • Exploring the concept of testing
  • Using Python for automation
  • Web and mobile testing
  • WebDriver automation architecture
  • Web browser automation with Selenium
  • Elements & selectors
  • Appium deep dive

Pros & Cons

  • One of the most thorough software testing courses
  • Focused on Python, not Java or other languages
  • Best for: Beginners or experienced developers wanting to become Software Testers
  • Prerequisites: Basic software development knowledge 
  • Unique features: The course is free (you can purchase a certificate of your Professional Software Tester Diploma at the end)
  • Duration: 10-15 hours of learning 

Your instructors for the Software Testing diploma

The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) creates college-level courses on Software Development and other topics. It’s the most-accessed library of educational content worldwide.

Course content

  • Introduction to levels of testing

  • Basic concepts in testing & unit testing

  • Equivalence & special value testing

  • Combinatorial & white-box testing

Pros & Cons

  • Thorough teaching of Software Testing concepts & how-to
  • It doesn’t provide a deep dive into all available testing frameworks or different languages used for scripting tests
  • Best for: Beginners and fresh graduates, up to testers looking to refresh their skills
  • Prerequisites: No experience needed
  • Unique features: The course’s practical approach has you following a live project from start to finish
  • Duration: 4:19 of course content, self-paced 
Udemy Manual Software Testing

Your instructors for 'Best QA Manual Software Testing'

Richa Mehta is a Project Test Lead with a Masters in IT and over 10 years experience working in Software Quality Assurance

Course content

  • Basics of Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Introduction to the Agile process
  • Jira
  • Test cases & creating a test plan
  • Practical testing
  • API testing

Pros & Cons

  • The course shows the practical tasks of a Manual Tester in detail
  • The section about API testing could be more detailed
  • Best for: If you want to become a Business Analyst, or you’re a BA who wants to gain valuable new skills
  • Prerequisites: No experience needed. Knowing of what a BA does is helpful. 
  • Unique features:  Includes a test workbook template you can keep using after you’ve gone through the course
  • Duration: Over 3 hours of content, to be worked on at your own pace 
Business Analyst Course for Software Testing at Udemy

Your instructor for the Business Analyst Software Testing course

Jeremy Aschenbrenner (‘The BA Guide’) is an expert Business Analyst who has worked on thousands of projects in his career, and helped almost half a million students so far with his online teachings.

Course content

  • Introduction to Software Testing

  • Testing Documentation

  • Defect Management

  • Creating, reviewing & executing a sample test case (with task for students)

Pros & Cons

  • Clear explanations even beginners can follow
  • The course doesn’t go into Agile testing
  • Best for: Software Testing beginners 
  • Prerequisites: No experience needed 
  • Unique features: Includes career, resume & interview prep advice 
  • Duration: 27 hours of course content – self-paced 
Software Testing Deep-Dive at Udemy

Your instructor for the Software Testing bootcamp

T. Roshdy is the founder of Nezam Academy, who also works as a freelance Quality Assurance Engineer at Upwork & TopTal. With his more than 6 years of experience in Software Testing and numerous professional certificates, Roshdy is well-qualified to teach testing concepts to beginner and advanced students alike.

Course content

  • Basics of Manual Testing

  • Basics of Agile Testing

  • API & Webservice Testing

  • Unit Testing

  • Black & white box test techniques

  • Career tips & interview questions

Pros & Cons

  • The valuable focus on getting you a job in the field
  • Some of the examples could be explained more clearly. Expect to look into some topics more deeply yourself
  • Best for: Beginner or experienced Java developers getting into test driven development
  • Prerequisites: Fundamental Java programming skills 
  • Unique features: Goes over common mistakes made in testing 
  • Duration: 3 hours of course content (work through it at your own pace) 
Test-Driven Development Course

Your instructors for 'Learn TDD in Java'

Fluent Software Solutions, a UK-based software consultancy have years of experience in teaching Software Development.

Course content

  • Introduction to TDD

  • Walkthroughs & exercises

  • Designing tests

  • Test doubles

  • Test principles

  • Applying TDD

Pros & Cons

  • Walkthroughs & exercises have you learning proactively
  • Doesn’t cover the popular frameworks and libraries
  • Best for: If you want to master Test Automation with Rest API from scratch 
  • Prerequisites: No API Testing experience, or even programming skills needed
  • Unique features: You can request (lifetime) help from your instructor with all questions, preparing your resume, and interview problems
  • Duration: 27 hours of content (self-paced) 
Rest API Training on Udemy

Your instructor for the Rest API Testing course

Rahul Shetty has 15 years of experiences as an instructor in Quality Assurance. He also has his own academy. In total, he has trained over 600k students from 195 countries in all aspects of Software Testing.

Course content

  • Fundamentals of REST API

  • Basic Java tutorial & refresher

  • REST API automation deep dive

  • Real-world examples

  • How to handle OAuth 2.0 for Google & Facebook

Pros & Cons

  • The course covers real-world API examples from Twitter, Google Maps & YouTube
  • Doesn’t include TestNG as a testing framework
  • Best for: If you don’t yet have experience with the QA process 
  • Prerequisites: You don’t need existing programming skills 
  • Unique features: You’ll be creating your own project with Appium as you go through the course 
  • Duration: 6 hours of content, self-paced 
Mobile Testing course

Your instructor for the Mobile Automation course

Alex Petrovski has a degree in Computer Science and has been working as a Software Engineer in Test for over 8 years. He’s an expert in automation tools like Appium, Selenium, Watir, Calabash, KIF, and iOS Instruments

Course content

  • How to set up your environment

  • Understanding all important functions of Cucumber and Appium

  • Create your own project

  • Do your tests on Jenkins server

Pros & Cons

  • Detailed and well-explained tutorials
  • Great for beginners
  • Doesn’t cover other popular languages like JS, Java, or C#
  • Best for: Test automation beginner to experienced user of other tools 
  • Prerequisites: No experience with Robot Framework needed 
  • Unique features: Shows you the fastest possible way to create a Selenium automation script
  • Duration: 8:20 of video content, complete at your own pace 
Udemy Course on Robot Framework Test Automation

Your instructor for the Robot Framework course

Bryan Lamb, VP of Intelligent Automation at a major US bank

Course content

  • How to install & configure Robot Framework with libraries
  • How to quickly create a Robot Framework Selenium test automation script
  • Exploring different libraries

Pros & Cons

  • The best course on using Robot Framework
  • Although there’s some, it could include a few more practical assignments/challenges