The 8 BEST Websites to Learn Coding in 2023

Written By John Sonmez

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While it’s possible to learn coding all by yourself – why not do it much faster with expert instruction?

Lets look at the 8 best code-learning websites you can use as a resource to learn the basics of programming, master your language of choice, and progress towards becoming a professional programmer (if you so choose.)

How I’ve rated the learning platforms

I’ve learned around 15 programming languages in my life to a level where I could teach them to others – enabling me to create 55 of my own code-learning courses.     → Read more about author John Sonmez

John Sonmez teaching at code learning websites

When reviewing any of these platforms, I’ve taken into account:

  • How friendly they are to a complete beginner
  • How motivating it is to go through the material
  • Is the instruction clear and high-quality?
  • How much wealth of information is there?
  • Do they prepare you for a career in Software Development?

Let’s now dive into the sites, their features, and the pros & cons I’ve found:

The 8 best websites to learn programming

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Codecademy, one of the best code-learning websites

Codecademy is one of the most popular sites (50M+ users) teaching you how to code — and for good reason:

Instead of dry, textbook-style instruction, you get to build your first own coding projects as you go through the course, such as:

  • A fashion blog
  • A festival schedule

These quick early results ensure you won’t get bored, and what you’ve learned will actually stick with you.

Codecademy’s best features

Codecademy is set apart by its teaching method, user interface and motivating structure of the courses. You feel like you’re being guided by your invisible coding mentor at all times, and before it gets too theoretical or boring, you’ll be asked to create a project, take a quiz, or complete a challenge.

Pros & Cons of the Codecademy platform

  • The hands-on nature of the courses motivates you to keep learning
  • A coding environment is built into the platform, so you can create your code right then and there
  • They cover all popular programming languages and career paths (in over 100 courses)
  • You can take some of the courses for free
  • The subscription fee is reasonable given the quality of content, but not super cheap if you choose monthly billing


Codecademy is my top pick for a code-learning website that has it all. Its quality instruction has you learn any coding skill in a practical, efficient manner. And with the dozens of learning paths available, you can choose to specialize in valuable disciplines such as Full-Stack Engineering to Data Science.

The Edabit code-learning platform

Edabit is a gamified code-learning platform that can take you from beginner to proficient coder. It’s been called The Duolingo for Coding because of its addictive, entertaining learning mode.

Edabit’s best features

  • It has some of the most beginner-friendly coding courses out there
  • Earning points/badges and leveling up as you learn is motivating
  • With over 10,000 coding problems, you’ll never run out of challenges to complete

Pros & Cons of Edabit

  • It’s accessible no matter your current skill 
  • There’s a free trial which lets you do 15 challenges without having to subscribe
  • Edabit isn’t the best platform if you’re already a more advanced programmer


Edabit’s the most fun website for learning to code. It does a great job at turning the complex topic of computer programming into a manageable journey you can master step by step. I especially recommend Edabit for beginners and younger learners.

Udemy's catalog of Software Development courses

As one of the top players in online education, it’s not surprising that Udemy hosts a large variety of courses on computer programming. You can easily browse its menu of courses and pick the one you like based on real user reviews and star ratings.

Udemy’s best features

Codecademy is set apart by its teaching method, user interface and motivating structure of the courses. You feel like you’re being guided by your invisible coding mentor at all times, and before it gets too theoretical or boring, you’ll be asked to create a project, take a quiz, or complete a challenge.

Pros & Cons of the Udemy' courses

  • The review system and star ratings ensure you won’t buy a bad apple of a course
  • Everything is self-paced, so you don’t have to worry about missing a lesson
  • Not all courses are of top quality, because the barrier to entry for instructors is lower than on other platforms (make sure to check the reviews)
  • Some instructors offer poor support


Udemy doesn’t offer an advanced code-learning platform with built-in development environment like some of its competitors — but taking one of their courses is great for dipping your toes into a topic and understanding it by way of video tutorials and written material.

Most of the courses are in the $10 to $60 range for lifetime access (plus a generous refund policy). Which means that at Udemy, you can start learning to code even if you’re on a budget.

Coursera Courses

Coursera is a huge online learning platform offering certified courses in topics such as Health and Business — and also Computer Science. They partner with renowned universities to give you a world-class education in anything from Python programming to Machine Learning.

Many courses are free, with the option to purchase your certificate afterwards as a powerful point to put on your resume.

Coursera’s best features

If you’re looking to not just get your feet wet, but go deep in a subject, Coursera’s courses are the way to go.

With reviews from real alumni and a star rating for each training, you can make sure you’re picking the perfect one for you, with no need to fear you’re wasting your time.

You can even get your degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Cyber Security — 100% online through Coursera’s platform.

Pros & Cons of Coursera

  • You have hundreds of specializations to choose from
  • The instruction is top-notch
  • Many courses are free
  • Their optional certificates are actually valuable for your career
  • The courses may require some prior programming knowledge
  • It’s not easy to see how much each program will cost, and prices vary widely (from free to $10k+)


Coursera is a great choice for serious learners and those looking at a career in a Computer Science field. It might not be the best option if you’re a complete beginner and/or prefer to just play around with simple coding challenges.

edX is a higher education platform – even more than Coursera, it’s focused on getting you to an accredited certificate from a top company, or even a full degree from a major university. With one of their programs under your belt, you’re ready to thrive in today’s competitive tech environment.

edX' best features

The best features are edX’ top-level instructors, and the awesome choice of career specializations. This sets the platform apart from others like Udemy or Udacity.

EdX’ courses go deeper than most of their competitors, which means you’ll gain more expertise, as long as you’re willing to invest the additional time.

Pros & Cons of edX

  • You can get a full refund of your course fees during the first 14 days if you decide you don’t like it after all
  • Most courses are self-paced. I recommend you work hard at them – because that’s what it takes to master a subject in a reasonable time – but ultimately you can go as slow or fast as you’d like.
  • As edX content goes deep, you won’t find any bite-sized programs you can complete within a few hours on their website.
  • The course outlines vary because they’re created by different partners. You need to check out the detailed structure of each to know what you’ll get


Thorough education is where edX shines. Be prepared to put in an amount of work that’s similar to taking live college classes.

For that, you’ll gain deep expertise in your Computer Science topic of choice, plus a prestigious certificate or degree to show off to potential employers. Like Coursera, I recommend edX if you have serious ambitions as a programmer.

ZTMs Education Site

Founded by Silicon Valley Senior Software Developer Andrei Neagoie, ZeroToMastery offers 49 courses on programming and other tech topics. Their programs include between 4 & 48 hours of content and aim to have you master a specific coding language or career specialization with tens to hundreds of lessons each.

ZeroToMastery’s best features

ZeroToMastery has courses on Data Science, SQL & Databases, Web Development, coding interview preparation, and much more. With Andrei Neagoie and other Senior Software Engineers instructing you, you’re getting a thorough education in your topic of choice.

ZTM’s membership model gives you access to all of their programs at once, so you’re free to study multiple topics for as long as you’re subscribed.

(If you’re willing to pay $799 upfront, you’ll even be able to own all of their courses for life).

Pros & Cons of ZTM's platform

  • A great variety of courses means you’re sure to find something that piques your interest
  • The instruction leaves nothing to be desired
  • With the membership, you get courses on business & life skills, which could complement your technical skills as a programmer nicely
  • The price is higher than some other code-learning platforms’


If you want to seriously level up your coding skills, or prepare for job interviews (as a Web Developer, for example) — you’ll love ZeroToMastery’s courses.

They’ll require a slightly higher investment than other code-learning websites. That’s worth it only if you’re willing and able to put in the hours required.

Mosh Hamedanis Website

Mosh Hamedani of the famous YouTube channel Programming with Mosh (over 3M subscribers) has put together a platform with 44 courses you can use to learn coding. You can learn Python, Java, C++, and Web Development languages such as HTML, CSS & JavaScript, for example.

Mosh has over 20 years of experience as a developer, is well-respected in Software Engineering circles, holds a Bachelor of Science, and has taught over 10M students in total.

Code With Mosh’s best features

As a veteran instructor Mosh knows how to make beginner coders understand a complex topic in the shortest amount of time. The courses are well-structured and to the point — you won’t have to wade through fluff to get to the important stuff.

Video quality is another point of emphasis for Mosh. You’d expect no less from a YouTube star, and the video lessons do meet those high expectations.

Pros & Cons of Mosh’s courses

  • Code with Mosh has some of the best Web Development courses out there, thanks to his decades of experience as a developer and teacher in that field
  • The All Access Pass lets you study multiple topics with one membership, which is useful in the current coding job market — today most employers want you to know more than one programming language
  • Although the yearly cost is quite reasonable if you opt to pay in 12-month installments, there’s still some cheaper code-learning platforms out there


I recommend Code With Mosh especially if you’re a Web Developer or looking to become one. His well-produced videos make you want to come back to the site and continue learning.

You’ll have to shell out a bit more money, but the courses’ quality warrants the expense.

Educative Coding Course Menu

Sporting over 500 courses on everything from Cloud Computing to Data Science, Educative is one of today’s largest code-learning websites.

With well-written and structured tutorial texts and hands-on coding challenges, they aim to take you from coding beginner to proficient programmer. This is accompanied by helpful illustrations for every topic.

Educative’s best features is not just a loose collection of courses: You can pick a skill path you like and they show you which courses you can take in a row to master the learning path.

If you’d like to become a Front End Developer, for example, they’ll give you a 5-module skill path with over 20 hours of instruction in 250+ lessons, 80+challenges, and 300+ illustrations.

Pros & Cons of

  • They have comprehensive courses for coding interview preparation. It’s a great option if you ever want to do intensive prep for a tech job interview.
  • Educative features a live coding environment. This means you can build and test the code you learn how to create, right there on their platform. No need to be switching back and forth between applications.
  • The monthly subscription is affordable, even more so when you’re from a lower-income country, because they adjust their fees according to your location
  • If you love watching video tutorials, Educative’s platform is not the right one for you – they believe you’ll learn better with text-based instruction.


It’s one of the best platforms for going deep in a skill relevant to the programming job market, and their pure interview prep courses are decent as well. For the low monthly price, you can’t go wrong trying out (there’s even a free 14-day trial).