The REAL Cost of Interview Kickstart in 2023

Written By John Sonmez

There’s lots of talk on different forums and websites about how much the Interview Kickstart program costs.

Unfortunately, the information you get there is inaccurate.

What’s more, IK has recently added new programs, changed their structure, and also altered their fees in the process.

Let’s clear up the confusion and give you the exact prices from 2023 onward.

Note: These numbers are straight from co-founder Ryan Valles’ presentation in Interview Kickstart’s one-hour webinar. 

If you’d like to hear all about their fees straight from the horse’s mouth – as well as soak up extensive info on their instructors, courses, coaching, and job opportunities the program will afford you – feel free to check the webinar out for yourself. 

It’s an engaging presentation, so the hour goes by quickly, and afterwards you’ll know more about IK’s program than any Google search can provide. Registration is easy and without any strings attached. 

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Now, how much does Interview Kickstart really cost?

Interview Kickstart’s exact pricing depends on the program you choose and starts at $2400, up to $11000 for the most involved specialized skill paths. A one-month intensive interview prep is $2400, two months are $4800, the standard 3-months+ courses are $7200 on average, and the 11-months+ ML and DS masterclasses are $11000.

IK’s $600 trial

For their normal, 12-18 week courses that cost $7200 on average, you can spend $600 for trial access. If you then decide to withdraw within the first week, you can do so without having to pay for the whole program.

In case you keep going, you’ll be charged the regular fee on top of the trial. This also means you can save $600 if you don’t need the trial, and decide to pay the full amount upfront.

The trial is there to help you if you’re still not sure, and thus don’t want to invest too much upfront.

The trade-off is that the program will end up costing you 10+% more than if you were to commit yourself for the whole period right away.

The 100% money-back guarantee

As mentioned in our full Interview Kickstart review, their full programs come with a job offer guarantee. If you:

  • Diligently complete one of their specializations
  • Take full advantage of their post-program support period with its complimentary career coaching
  • Start applying for interviews for your chosen profession as soon as you can, and you’re persistent in these efforts,

but you still fail to get a relevant job offer within this timeframe – IK will refund you the entire cost of the course.

Interview Kickstart offers financing plans

Because the courses are a significant investment, there’s also financing available that lets you pay off your tuition fee in anywhere from three to twelve months.

IK is going for a win-win situation: They’re losing fewer potential customers because of financial concerns, and you’re getting the opportunity to start leveling up your career right away – without having to save up first, losing you months in which you could already be earning your new, higher salary.

FAQ about IK’s pricing

Why are the programs so expensive?

For the considerable cost of Interview Kickstart, they’re offering many unique services, all in one place on their platform: Resume help, 1:1 mentoring and career coaching, mock interviews and even LinkedIn optimizations. Their instructors are tech leads at top companies (FAANG and others) or hiring managers.

Its curriculum offers you a deep dive into your field of choice and has a tight focus on winning specific forms of interviews.

IK’s high price is justified by you gaining inside information and guidance you don’t get in most other courses.

It’s also now the most popular interview preparation program in the world, which means they’re gradually increasing their prices to reflect the demand.

Is the high price worth it?

The average salary hike of IK’s alumni during the last year has been $150k, with the numbers ranging from $75k to over $800k in a few cases. This means that with their job guarantee, you’ll invest mid-four figures to increase your salary by over six figures on average.

Once you get one of the high-paying positions Interview Kickstart is geared towards getting you into, you’ll have made back your investment within the first one to two months.

How much are the Front-End Engineering programs?

The 10-12 week programs focused on a single discipline are $6200 each.

How much does the Full-Stack Engineering course cost at Interview Kickstart?

The more extensive and Full-Stack courses, spanning over 16-20 weeks, are $9800.

Join IK’s webinar to get more details or enroll in the program

I hope this article cleared up any questions you had about Interview Kickstart’s pricing structure.

If you’re ready to enroll in the program – or you’d like to get even more information about the course contents:→ hop on over to IK and sign up for their free, one-hour webinar.