Interview Kickstart’s Webinar Reviewed (Worth Your Time?)

Written By John Sonmez

Still unsure about whether you should join it? 

This short review of IK’s webinar will answer your questions, so you’ll know everything you need to make up your mind.

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Let’s get into the nuts and bolts: 

Is the webinar free?

Yes, you can join Interview Kickstart’s webinar for free without any obligation. All you need to do is provide your name, email, phone number and a rough description of which job description you’re interested in. You can join via a link to the Zoom conference, at absolutely no cost to you.

How long is the webinar?

In the webinar, Interview Kickstart co-founder Ryan Valles will explain all details about the course within the timespan of one hour. After this presentation there will be a Q&A hosted by another IK team member, which can last another 30 minutes or more, depending on how many questions are asked.

Review of the Interview Kickstart webinar

What it means to ‘amp up your career’

To start, IK co-founder Ryan Valles explains their claim that they’ll help you take your career to the next level. He goes into the average salary increases their alumni have been able to achieve last year.

The numbers presented are shocking: Getting a six-figure pay raise after taking the program is common, and some students are even leveling up by much more than that. 

To hear the testimonials about what people achieve after going through Interview Kickstart was one of the most eye-opening parts of the webinar.

Explaining the current FAANG+ tech job landscape

IK’s programs are streamlined to prepare you to land a FAANG+ job – which are top-tier, ‘planet-scale’ companies paying the highest salaries in different fields of tech.

In the webinar, Valles goes into what the hiring situation at this level will look like in the coming years.

He offered the surprising insight that while things are getting more competitive, these top-tier companies are replacing a certain percentage of their workforce every year – so there’s always the opportunity to get in... if you’re prepared accordingly. 

If you’re in doubt about your chances of getting a high level job in the current climate, Interview Kickstart’s insider view will give you clarity.


Who are IK’s instructors?

The webinar also goes into the impressive team of instructors, which has kept growing along with IK’s continued success. You’ll learn about what top positions the program leaders hold at high-level companies, their professional experience, and how they’re uniquely qualified to teach you the tactics and strategies required for you to win at FAANG+ interviews.

As they were explaining the details and scope of the 1:1 coaching you’ll get in the program, it was easy to see how receiving this level of personal mentorship would set you apart from the average interview candidate.

The different programs offered

Interview Kickstart is offering a total of 18 different specializations you can choose from when you sign up. During the Zoom call, Ryan Valles shows them to you in an overview. And at the end you can ask to get more information about any skill path you’re interested in. 

From Early Engineering, the most entry-level program available at IK, on to Full-Stack or Cloud Engineering, up to Technical Program Management and Machine Learning Expert specializations, each course is specifically targeted at a high-paying position and the skills and strategies needed to win an offer in that exact field.

The webinar will give you the high level overview of all paths, guiding you towards the perfect choice for yourself.

Unique features and assistance you’ll get with Interview Kickstart

They also point out and explain the many extra services included in IK that set them apart from other, more generic interview prep courses.

Some of these services are:

  • Resume help and review
  • 1:1 mentoring sessions
  • Live group classes
  • Interactive learning platform
  • Post-program support
  • Up to 15 mock interviews with real hiring managers
  • LinkedIn optimization for inbound lead generation

Ryan spends some time going over each of them. You also get to hear from IK alumni about how these services have helped them level up their career.

All details on IK’s pricing & available financing

How much the programs really cost is shrouded in a bit of mystery – and most of what you do find about IK’s pricing is inaccurate. But once you join the webinar, you’ll know exactly how much of an investment you’ll need to make for each skill path.

They’ve recently changed their fee structure: Now you can take a quicker program at a relatively lower cost, the normal length course at mid-four figures, and a more expensive Machine Learning or Data Science Masterclass spanning over 11+ months.

They clarify which level is suited for whom, and you’ll walk away with a clear picture of the different pricing tiers.

Final Q&A

While Ryan Valle’s main presentation fills in all you need to know about their courses, the Q&A session at the end is where you can get a few minutes of mentorship regarding your individual situation.

You’ll be asked to describe your background and goals, and after asking a few more clarifying questions, they’ll lay out the path you should be taking to make sure you get to that highest goal of yours.

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I hope this review could clear up any questions you had about the Interview Kickstart webinar before joining!

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