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Learn Java Programming For Beginners Fast & Easy!

Learning Java can be complex yet simple at the same time. There are a lot of programmers who want to learn Java but don't know how to start. Java is an awesome programming language that could easily add some spice to your coding skills.

I've gotten this question a lot and I'm finally going to give an answer here which is: How do I learn Java? What is the best way to learn Java? How can I learn Java? Please, sir, and variations of that, basically how do you learn Java, how can I learn Java?

I think that this is an interesting question because it's-specifically some of you are asking how to learn Java and I'll give you some specific Java resources, but learning a programming language, in general, is really what you're trying to do. That's the skill set. The resource I'm going to give you for learning programming is I've got a couple of blog posts and I actually wrote a book called The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide and I have some resources there where you can learn how to learn programming language. Go ahead and check that out. You can sign up to get free chapters of the book. It's totally free if you sign up via email and then you could buy the hard copy if you want once it's complete.

I will talk specifically about Java, about learning and I'll give you a few resources here. Java is probably a good programming language to learn. There's a lot of resources out there. It's a very popular programming language. It's an object-oriented language. It's fairly simple. It's a lot less complicated than C++. I did a video on how to learn C++ and I kind of discouraged you from learning C++ in that video because I think that that's really hard for a beginner. I think C++ is a valuable language but it's much more difficult. With Java, you don't have to deal with a lot of those kinds of problems. Java is still a fairly complex language. It's not a simple language so you've got to have a good strategy for learning Java.

My primary strategy, I've actually taught courses on Java and I'll link you to those in a little bit here, but first I want to talk about the strategy and what I thought was most effective for teaching people Java which is not to try and learn it in a vacuum.

If you said, “I want to learn how to use tools” that's kind of silly, but if you said, “I want to learn how to build cabinets and these are the tools I want to use to build the cabinets” now you're getting somewhere and that is the key. That's how we're going to learn Java.

It can be really difficult at first, I know. There are a lot of resources and it is hard to tell what is the best way to start learning a new programming language.

As I've talked about before, learning your first programming language can be difficult. You need to practice a lot and learning a programming language might take some time. You need to invest some time if you're learning Java for the first time. However, after the first programming language learning, you can follow the next steps easily.

So, where do you start if you want to learn Java? Which strategy should you follow if you want to learn this programming language? Watch this video and find out!

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