27 Gifts for Computer Science Majors (Successful Studies)

Written By John Sonmez

The best gifts you can give a computer science major are ones that help them get better grades, keep up their energy, and finish their degree while feeling well-equipped, confident, and energized.

Dive into our hand-picked list and choose your favorites.

The computer science student in your life is guaranteed to love these gifts.

To a great experience at university!

1. Bullet Journal for Productive Computer Science Studies – $25

Bullet Journal

As a computer science student, you have to track a lot of details.

If you note something down by hand, you remember it better than if you type it. (Source)

  • Bullet Journaling is a framework for managing notes, tasks, and appointments.
  • Everything is divided into three modules: The Daily Log, Monthly Log, Future Log, and the Index.
  • It’s a great system that keeps it all in one place

The original black Bullet Journal looks slick and oozes quality.

2. The Book that Gets Geeks Excited to Explore the Art of Cooking – $35

Most tech students don’t love cooking. They like to geek out on science-y topics – and cooking doesn’t seem to fit the bill.

So they end up viewing food merely as fuel: Not taking time to prepare meals (which would be healthier) and opting to order fast food every other day.

Let’s turn that around. This book dives into the biochemistry of food, a precise, methodical approach to cooking, and educative scientific background information – it’ll lure any science major into starting to care about healthy food prep.

3. Back & Shoulder Massager to Alleviate ‘Comp-Sci Neck Syndrome' – $54

Back and Shoulder Massager

Sitting at university. More sitting at your computer after-hours. Hunched over, cranking your neck.

The result is chronic tightness, neck and back pain, and possible structural damage down the road.

Getting a deep-tissue massage is a great way to counter the negative impact a computer science major’s lifestyle has on your body.

But, as a student, your budget is limited and you might not be able to afford those massages multiple times per week. So why not have your own personal massager, ready to use whenever you need it?

This one’s great to relax after a long study session and start off the next day at university fresh and pain-free.

4. Whiteboard to Become a Super-Organized Computer Scientist – $49


Having your goals in front of you makes you three times more likely to succeed. (Source)

This whiteboard lets you write down your goals for your studies, organize your days and weeks, and visually work out study problems. It signals to yourself and others:

This is where a professional goes to work.

A great way to build the mindset and productive habits to become a successful software engineer after graduation.

5. Home Fitness Kit – Sound Body, Sound Mind – $49

Home Trainer

To encourage a computer science major to stay fit isn’t easy, because the intense study required to make it in this field already takes a lot out of you.

Who has time and energy to go to the gym when you’re drained from racking your brain all day?

That’s why it makes sense to have a little gym in your own room. It removes friction: Whenever you have a little break, you can go straight into working out your body.

A fit body is created by consistency – and your own little home gym helps you build it. To do that, it doesn’t have to be expensive either:

6. Laptop Stand to put Your Work at Eye Level – $65

Laptop Stand

You said you were going to watch your posture. But a few hours later, you again catch yourself hunching over like a caveman.

It’s not your fault – it’s inevitable when you’re working on just a laptop. You automatically go into bad posture because you’re forced to look down at the screen.

This is where a dedicated laptop stand is a godsend. It turns your makeshift studying situation into a proper workstation. If you have a great Computer Science laptop, why not work at it like a professional.

7. Spotify Premium Subscription for Listening to Developer Podcasts or Ambient Music while Studying – $99

Spotify Premium

Spotify is a great place to have both your podcast subscriptions and music playlists in one place. All the best developer podcasts are on there, so you can learn even more computer science in your free time.

You’ll also stay up to date on the latest developments in programming languages and career options. Plus, you’ll have access to millions of songs – all without pesky ad interruptions.

8. My First Book to Polish Your Soft Skills – $9.99

This is my first best-selling book. I've even recorded an audio version with some bonus content.

It teaches you the non-technical skills that aren't emphasized in a traditional education – but they're vital for becoming the most valuable programmer you can be.

9. Software Developer's Career Guide to Plan for Your Life After College – $9.99

This is my best selling book of all time, #1 best-seller in enter Amazon store for computer and technology books.

It packs about 800 pages of the best career advice I've ever given out. Anything from the job hunt, how to create a great resume, to salary negotiation.

10. Computer Speaker to Play It – $149

Bose Computer Speakers

Most computer science majors are using a laptop for their studies. Unfortunately, those have terrible speakers.

To create the right atmosphere with some nice tunes in the background, a quality pair of desktop speakers will do wonders.

These are an often overlooked gift for computer science students!

11. Messenger Bag to Be Organized & Chic – $229

Messenger Bag for Laptop

Pack everything you need for your computer science classes (laptop up to 13.3″, notepad, textbooks..) AND look great at the same time.

Just because you’re a STEM student doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of style.

An attractive messenger bag conveys just that.

12. Book to Know All About Algorithms (Before Everyone Else) – $98

Introduction to Algorithms Book

This book by T. Cormen is the leading text on algorithms worldwide.

It’ll teach you all types of algorithms in depth.

But it doesn’t just have you read about them – you’ll also be doing hundreds of exercises and solving problems.

Work through this comprehensive book and gain a leg up on the other students.

13. Blue Light Blocking Glasses to Relax at Night & Save Your Eyes – $79

Bluelight Blocking Glasses

Computer science students like to look at screens until late at night, whether it be working on coding problems or watching their favorite developer channels on YouTube.

Unfortunately the screen’s blue light disrupts your body’s rhythm and makes it harder to fall into restful sleep at night. These wavelengths could even have worse health effects on your body (Source).

You can protect yourself by starting to wear blue light blocking glasses as it gets late.

They make it easy to relax and take the strain off your eyes. You can wear these over your prescription glasses, too.

14. External Hard Drive to Store Any Computer Science Project – $109

Western Digital External SSD

Programming projects at university can take up a lot of space.

Especially when we’re talking about video game development, a single project can take up 1TB or more of disk space. But even for daily applications, it’s nice to not have to worry about your laptop’s capacity running out.

This is where an external hard drive comes in handy. These are getting bigger and bigger (in terms of capacity – they’re only the size of a large wallet) at not-too-expensive prices.

15. Course Platform Subscription to Individualize Your Learning or Get a Head Start – $120


In college, you’re learning computer science concepts from the ground up. You’ll also start learning one or two programming languages in your first year.

But, they might not be using the exact language you want to learn right now. On a good online platform, you can pick and choose which language you want to learn, and start mastering it in a fun way. You can do this to be better prepared for future computer science classes, or to acquire additional skills.

I like Edabit for learning a new programming language. They’ve gamified the learning process – you earn points and level up while you work through up to 10,000 coding challenges.

16. Mini Fridge So You Can Stay at Your Desk in the Heat of a Coding Session – $148

Black n Decker Mini Fridge

When you’re hard at work solving a tricky computer science problem, you don’t want to have to get up in the middle of it just to re-hydrate – breaking your focus.

Having everything within reach can prevent that, and make life a lot easier when you’re studying at home.

Also, in any co-living situation it’s nice to be able to keep your supply of snacks and drinks separate, so they haven’t magically disappeared right when you need them.

17. Smart Watch to Monitor Your Health & Sleep – $229

Fossil Smart Watch

A perfect gift for geeks: A smart watch that allows you to check notifications or access your calendar and to-do list at a glance.

But more importantly, it tracks important health markers, such as your heart beat, sleep quality, steps taken and calories burned.

A great way to mind your health while also looking cool :)

18. Noise-Canceling Headphones for Full Focus – $379

Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones

Sometimes you’re working in a public space at university, or your roommates are having a loud conversation while you’re trying to progress on your computer science projects.

That’s when it’s time to shut off the noise so you can zero in on your studies.

Thankfully nowadays you have noise-canceling technology doing an amazing job at that.

19. The Art of Programming Book Series to Gain Sage-Level Computer Science Knowledge – $239

Art of Programming Book Box Set

This is a masterpiece about the art of programming, written by the prestigious Professor of Computer Science, Donald E. Knuth.

Working through these voluminous books and solving the many problems presented (which are well-explained, and fully answered in the back of the book) will take time, but you’ll come out of it with deep computer programming knowledge.

A gift for those serious about mastering their craft.

20. Ergonomic Keyboard for Efficient Coding – $339

Ergonomic Computer Keyboard

As a programmer, your keyboard is your direct connection to your coding program. If you can type faster, you can more quickly put your ideas into code. This keeps you in the flow, instead of having to wait for your fingers to catch up with your brain.

Even if it wasn’t a gift, investing in a professional keyboard is something no computer scientist will regret.

21. Quality Mouse for Complete Control at Your Computer – $99

Logitech MX Master 3S Mouse

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a real threat for computer science students who spend endless hours each day clicking away on their PC.

But even more important than the sheer time spent using a mouse is the positions your equipment places you in.

An ergonomic mouse like the Logitech MX Master reduces the strain on your wrists and fingers. It also performs smoothly and reliably. It’s nice to have a feeling of quality every time you’re using your mouse.

22. High-End Monitor for the Best Coding Experience – $375

Dell Monitor for Programming

You can choose to code only on your laptop screen, or using any old LCD monitor you already own.

The other option is to give yourself more “real estate” and a better user experience by upgrading to a larger, high-end monitor.

For programmers who like to have their coding environment, documentation, and browser windows open at the same time, that can make their life a lot easier.

23. Professional Desk to Create Your Ultimate Workstation – $499

Adjustable Professional Desk

The work a computer science major does on their own time, at their desk, can make or break their studies. If you create a professional setup, it will pay off in increased productivity and comfort over the thousands of hours spent at their desk.

The criteria for the perfect desk for learning and working on computer science projects:

  • Big enough for multiple screens, devices, notes & sketches
  • High-quality, solid workmanship
  • Beautiful optics
  • Electronically controlled sit/stand option to allow your body a break

24. Ergonomic Chair to Be Comfortable and Save Your Body While Studying – $805

Herman Miller Aeron Lite Chair

Prolonged sitting is never good for you. But you can minimize the impact of long hours worked at your computer – by getting the best chair money can buy (the Herman Miller Aeron).

Again, this is an investment in your long-term health as a computer science major who spends a lot of their time at university glued to a chair.

Make it the most ergonomic and comfortable one and you’ll even be more productive because of it.

25. A Good Laptop for All University Projects: HP Spectre – $1299

HP Spectre Laptop

Your main tool as a computer science student is your laptop.

You want it to be able to perform all tasks with ease: Writing, coding, compiling – no matter the size of the project.

The HP Spectre is a great all-around machine for programming.

26. Luxurious Macbook Pro – to Effortlessly Finish Your Studies… in Style – $2199

Macbook Pro

For those Apple geeks who want to go one step beyond, the latest Macbook Pro offers incredible performance – coupled with the unmatched design and quality the brand is famous for.

27. Powerhouse Laptop to Crush the Most Demanding Development Projects: Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon – $2699

Lenovo X1 Carbon Laptop

The cream of the crop when it comes to high-performance coding laptops is the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon.

It comes with the heftiest price tag – but it delivers on its promise to handle anything a computer scientist could ever throw at it.

Be it compiling complicated code, editing large video files, or developing video games from start to finish, it’s up to any task.