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Ever had trouble learning new programming skills while working full-time? Don't worry, you are not alone.

With new technologies and skills desired coming up every single day, developers find hard to find time in their already busy schedules to fit the time to learn new programming skills.

And I'm not talking just about new programming languages… You could be talking about databases, blockchain, client-server experience etc.

How do you actually find time to learn all of this new stuff? #learnprogramming #programming #coding

Transcript Of The Video:

John Sonmez: In this video, I'm going to tell you where to find the time. Where do you find the time to learn new programming skills? I know you're busy, you're coding, you've got all kinds of shit that you need to do. And how do you actually improve your skills? How do you actually find the time to grow?

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I'm John from On this channel, what do we do? We teach you the soft skills that you need to improve your software development career, to be a better programmer, to just be awesome. And to make more money to get along better and live a better life as a software developer. He says,” Hello John. I have a question which is really important for me as a software developer. How can I find more time to learn more new technologies and update my programming skills? I'm on a full time job and sometimes when I get my work done I have that free time for learning. I'm trying to spend time for learning after work, but I'm really tired from working the day and it is hard for me to concentrate. Could you please share with us, when do you find time to update your skills?”

You're asking the wrong question. What you're trying to do is called, in software development terms, premature optimization. Guys, tell me why premature optimization is bad. Why? If you have a developer on your team and you're doing a code review and he's optimize some codes. This thing where he's created this really off your skid algorithm that's hard to read and understand, but it runs blazingly fast. Why you say in the code review? Ah, I'm not sure about that, Jimmy. Why is clean code better than premature optimization? The reason why, is because you don't know if you're going to need it. And any time that you spend on shit that you don't need or you might not need is a waste of time. And you also don't know what you're going to need. You might be optimizing the wrong thing, right?

This is a common argument. I'm sure you've heard this. I'm going to apply this now to learning new programming languages or technologies. A lot of you guys, you mean well, I mean you're a developer. Okay, I get it. It makes sense. You want to stay up to date, you want to absorb all the new technologies. But here's the deal, don't learn shit that you don't need to learn. You should always ask yourself, you should always say, I need to learn X so I can do Y. If you don't have a Y, you don't need an X. What'd Java invent? JIT. Have you heard of JIT? Just in time compilation, right? .net does that as well now. Why was that so valuable? Well because it makes it run faster, because guess what? Maybe I don't need to compile this code. Maybe I can compile this code when I need it and if I need it.

Same thing with your technology skills, okay? What you should be doing, is you should be staying up to date, reading some blogs, spend 15-20 minutes every morning reading programming blogs and staying up to date on technology. Go to Hacker News, understand, especially in your space, have some RSS feeds, some email newsletters you subscribe to you. You can subscribe to this one. Go to and click on one of the popups and subscribe and you'll get updated on all the new shit that's coming out. That's what you should do, so that you know. And then just in time, if you need to get a new job in a specific technology, you can learn that technology.

The reason why I say this, is that because you don't want to waste your time on shit that's not going to be valuable to you. Now it might be fun to learn a new technology programming language. I know, I get it. And if you want to do that for a hobby, it's fine, except here's my one thing I will tell you. Make it make some damn money. Okay? Make it into a side gig. There's no reason why everything I do in my life has to serve more than one purpose. I'm about to go run 12 miles. I'm training for a marathon and then a hundred mile race this year. Now, why the fuck would I do that? One running that mileage is going to give me an achievement to do and compete in something fun. Not really fun, but in someone's world it's fun. It should be fun. Is it fun? I don't know. Anyway, torturing myself, one purpose is to torture myself and the second one is because it will help me to lose weight and stay lean because I'll be burning all those calories. So it has more than one purpose.

If you're going to learn a new technology or programming language or something like that, make a side gig out of it. Make it something that you're going to write in your blog post. This dude, he was following me since he was 18 or 17 years old. Okay? He made a YouTube channel, he's got 40,000 subscribers on there. He did everything. He created a blog, he did everything that I told him to do. And I'm just working with him now to launch his first product and he's probably going to make $40,000 in a couple of days. Okay? And he lives in a third world country. Okay? And not only that, but he's probably going to make five to $10,000 a month of income on the side business. It's going to become his real business and he's never going to have to work another day in his life for anyone else.

If you were going to live for 500 years. Yeah, learn every single fucking technology there is, it's fine. Right? But you're not. Okay? You have a limited time span. You have limited time, so invest it wisely. So if you're going to do something, make sure it serves at least two purposes, possibly three. If you are insistent, okay? And you want to actually learn something quickly and you're like,” No, I do actually have to learn this. I have an X and so I need a why.” Fine. I will tell you. But I'm not going to tell you in this video, instead, invest in yourself.

Whatever the course price is, I think it's like $99 okay? Click down below, 10 steps to learn anything quickly. I'll put it in the cards as well. Okay? It's my most popular course on this. I did 55 courses for Pluralsight and I had to learn shit very quickly. I literally learned Go in two weeks using this method. But I don't even want you to buy the course. Okay? I'm serious. Unless you have a real good reason for doing it. I don't want you to waste your fucking time learning shit that you're not going to use. I don't care if it's going to sell me the course. I would rather you not buy the course and not waste your fucking time. Where people struggle is where they don't have a really good reason to learn something. You got to figure out what the Y is. What are you actually trying to accomplish by learning this thing? And once you have that, wow, it becomes a lot easier.

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